All grown up and nowhere to go

No time to play anymore.

Posted on: January 19, 2008

I’ve just received the CFA curriculum yesterday night. When my maid shouted saying someone sent me a huge heavy package, my first thought was YZ. But as soon as I saw it I knew it was nothing like a romantic package.

Practical and professional-looking, the box was silently shouting to be opened. The Practical Guide to CFA Preparation popped out and I threw it aside, staring at the stack of books in the depths of the box. I tried to take one out and almost twisted my arm.

So I spent an exciting Friday night at home wrapping 6 109-tonne books. It was kind of therapeutic. So long as I don’t flip them open and start reading, I’m all stress-free. Have a feeling I’ll have to draw up a study schedule just to finish reading all of them. And oh, I’ll have to bring at least 2 of the lightest books up to London / Europe. Sobs.


4 Responses to "No time to play anymore."

I assume its Level 1 you are tackling. Are you preparing for June 2008 or December 2008?


Best of luck!! I am planning to take level 1 in Dec. Hopefully if both of us pass, we may be taking level 2 together in June 2009!

thanks… there’s a lot to cover though, it’s crazy!

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