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The four types of men all women SHOULD avoid

Posted on: February 22, 2008

I bought Cleo this month to check out Nick’s mini-interview for the 50 Eligible Bachelors. I haven’t really touched the magazine for eons and I’m really enraged by one of the articles, written by a guy of course, titled ‘the four types of women all men avoid’. Like, what the hell. I think his points may have been valid had they been phrased another way, but as it is, he made it sound like he’s addressing a bunch of desperate single women, advising them on how not to behave so as not to jeopardize chances of snagging a guy. Any guy.

Well boys, giddy up. Here’s MY version, to keep things in balance.

Mon’s “The Four Types of Men All Women Should Avoid”

#1. “How much did you say you earn in a month? … Oh. And you said you’re a VP? … Well… *cough* I’ll call you.”

Men who only date girls less successful than them, because they feel they should take the lead in a relationship, is U-T-T-E-R B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. You should be with someone because you love her personality and admire her strengths. Guys who can’t take the ‘competition’ are just not confident enough of themselves. They need constant reassurance of their worth by looking at a girl-next-door with no drive and zero accomplishments. If these are the kind of women men go after, little girls will just grow up aspiring to be a Stepford wife and face it, we might as well just learn how to bake and cook so that we’ll excel right where we belong… in the kitchen.

#2. “Let’s eat this quickly so that we can go back to the car and you can… give me my dessert *wink*.”

Men who care more about your body than your brain do not deserve whatever… desserts they’re getting. Are they with you just for lustful satisfaction? Or do they really, genuinely adore you but just a bit horny? Don’t take any chances. Hand him the name card for one of those massage parlours and say adios!

#3. “I’m a lawyer but I also do ad hoc consulting projects. I’m sorry I picked you up in this rotten Merc, my M5 is in the garage at the moment and I lent the Lexus to my mum. I’m flying out to Zurich tomorrow, trying to get capital for this new business I’m starting. It’s no joke, I only have $10m and need about $25m more! Do you like my watch by the way? Just bought it. $5000! But it’s great. And check out the new sound system I put in, from Bang & Olufsen-”

The Peacock. Chest out, fan out the damn feathers to mesmerize the chicas. Thing is, really successful men keep quiet. If some guy is so proud and full of himself, chances are there’s only room for 1 in his heart and it isn’t any woman. His success scorecard may be impressive, but personality gets a zero.

#4. “You’re a great girl and I really like you but… I dunno if we should take things seriously. I’m still trying to find myself…”

The process of self-discovery is for teenagers. At this point in life, to be wishy-washy about where he wants the relationship to head to is just plain stupid. We need to be with someone who knows what he wants and is willing to go the distance for it. Tell Mr Wishy-washy to shit or get off the pot. Can’t be with someone who isn’t sure that he wants to be with you.

Ahhh… there. That makes me feel so much better 🙂


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loves it! 🙂

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