All grown up and nowhere to go

triple witching hour

Posted on: March 6, 2008

Yesterday, a rare occurrence took place. Syd, Jess and I arranged to watch Leap Years @ GV Great World as a prequel to clubbing. Howz-ever, turned out that Jess had to go for laser surgery the next morning so we decided to have a chillax night out instead. So what happened was that because I was too lazy to bus it out, I drove to Great World. I knew Jess and Mel would be driving too and thought they’d give Syd and Josh a ride, but turned out they had a ride as well. I think this is prolly the first time all 3 parties drove on the same night. It’s quite weird actually. 5 people separated into 3 cars. Seems like such a waste of petrol! Low efficiency!

 Speaking of efficiencies… I topped the BP class midterm. Woot! Apparently all the stress I went through studying for it paid off. Well, at least I stressed for 5 hours while playing computer games, worrying that I haven’t started studying yet, then I studied for another 2. But I think he marked rather leniently too though, think I could’ve written better answers 😦

Okah, back to Leap Years. I think the concept is just beautiful. I’m sure the Catherine Lim novella that it’s based on is a mighty good read. Howz-ever, the execution for the movie left much to be desired. Very poor acting and what is up with the choice of actors? First of all, hardly anyone in Singapore speaks with thick Brit accents like the lead’s friends. And how often do you see so many Eurasians at one go? Nadya’s character was supposed to be Indian, then… how come they got an Indo-Eurasian chick to fill the part? And the lead’s mother doesn’t look old at all, worst of all she doesn’t age in 12 years. When your daughter is 36, yer kinda supposed to look a bit wrinkled.

This could’ve been a way sweeter movie, the concept is just too good. Even with the weak points listed above I found myself welling up at parts. To meet someone only once every 4 years, for 2 hours, with no contact in between? That’s just ridiculously… heart-wrenching. As it is LDR can sometimes be frustrating when I want him to be here to hug me, hold my hand.

But at least I’ll see him in a month and a half, not just every leap year 🙂


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