All grown up and nowhere to go

we are all heading towards mundanity

Posted on: March 28, 2008

Have you ever paused and wondered, ‘is this all there is to life?’

And no, this isn’t some philosophical question about how the meaning of life is actually contained in coffee dregs. It is a very practical question. Think about it – what’s in store for our future? What’s so exciting about it?

We’ll finally be unleashed into the real, working world. Do the 9 to 5 thing. All right, some people say they can’t do the whole routine 9 to 5 thing, so they’re gonna start a business. (Btw, you do realise that when you start a business, it’s still gonna be a 9 to 5 thing? 9 am to 5 am, including weekends.) But it’s all so… typical. Get a job, marry your girlfriend or boyfriend or possibly a chick you accidentally knocked off. And then… what? Proceed to procreate and make as many bundle of joys as is humanly possible? Kids are such a drag. Trust me, I was one of them.

What’s so special about your life? What’s different, exciting, mindnumbingly… lively? For those coupled up, maybe the quarrels will be the highlight of your day. Or lowlight. It’s true, I remember dates by remembering the day of my last quarrel with YZ. (Going good now, been at least ten days of smooth-sailing lovingness). I guess people think relationships are what make the world go round for them, rather than planetary forces. I think that way myself. But lately (OK, for the past 30 minutes that I stalled from reading FIIM) I’ve been thinking about just how mundane it is. You quarrel, you hate him. You make up, you declare to the whole world your love. Despite the fact that you realize some time in the future, you’re gonna hate him again. What’s the point?

Why do we settle for such a straightforward path into the future? Even if some people go on charity missions. Okay, big deal, six months of your life you were in Tibet. Did you meet the Dalai Lama? No? Oh okay. Or go on fantastic sailing, diving trips. Pretty corals? Oh okay. There’s just nothing permanently exciting about life! Must we settle like this?

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just very prone to boredom, and now suddenly I’m feeling bored with everything that has to do with life, just can’t see what to look forward to. No, that is not a suicide note. I’m no longer satisfied with the so-called simple joys in life like waking up to good coffee. Or an orgasmic BBC news announcement or whatever. And since I’m such a perfectionist-freak this is going to haunt me for days – the frustration of not being able to change the direction of my life.

At least the trip to UK & EU to shop & gamble with my dearly metrosexed & cb kia half should provide a nice break to mundanity.

Oh dear, maybe it was a philosophical question after all.


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