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Hellooooooo world!

Arrived at London yesterday in the wee hours in the morning. Had dim sum, checked out the casino, walked up to Covent Garden… And today we’ll be heading to Amsterdam for some cultural infusion.

It’s freezing in London. cbkia was teasing me about how noob I was, but the wind was crazy! I can feel bits of my skin getting drier and drier… Had to lather up with Clarins moisturiser. So far the two days have been filled with loads of sleep to overcome the jetlag, but am excited to explore another city today!

Aight, time to go… The London weather will be getting better the next few days, let’s hope I can discard the scarf, cap and tights then!



I promised the cbkia that I’d go to sleep, but after browsing wordpress for a while I just couldn’t resist.

You see, wordpress has the most useful tool for blogs ever: they spew out blog stats left, right and centre. for example, on the 28th of March 2008, this blog registered 52 page views (way more views than I had anticipated), some people clicked on Jess’s blog to find this blog, the top post was ‘im tired of being me’, and these are the search terms used to find the blog:

man who prays to be rescued from flood
types of men to avoid
god flood rowboat
flood prays to god story

Imagine, an innocent soul in search of spiritual enlightenment clicked on a search engine link to this blog and discovered instead that he has to settle for the incorrigible rantings of a college chick.

Well, at least I can tell him this: God exists.

*cue raised eyebrows from I-beg-to-differ’s*

*that argument needs to be stored for a future religious-undertoned entry, which may or may not materialise depending on my church-going frequency, which fluctuates from Christmases to every-other-Sunday*

Yes, back to the blog stats. I checked on today’s search terms and these came out:

“all grown up and nowhere to go”
fiim individual project                      –> LOL

And then a few days back…

3 types of women men should avoid –> in for a surprise
name of singapore universities

But mostly, they are variations of the flood story:

story of man in flood waiting on god
man who prays to be rescued from flood
the flood god story rescue


Maybe it’s because of the catchy rhyme. God, flood, boat. Godfloodboat. BoatfloodGod. FloodfloodboatGodflood. GodGodboatfloodGodboatfloodGodboat.

So what search term did you use?

Somehow, I can’t seem to escape countdowns. Ten more days, and I’ll be off with British Airways. Landing on T4 Heathrow thank you very much. I checked and re-checked, just to make sure I completely avoid T5.

The possibilities once I’m there are endless. I can go wherever I want, do whatever. I can go to the casino with cbkia and then go home to study afterwards, stopping in time for a musical. I think that all this time, I’ve been worrying so much about the administrative side of it that I lost the forest for the trees.

EUROPE!!! I mean, it’s Europe. And not just any Europe, Eastern Europe!!! Where the people speak funny and the currencies are confusing and the weather is erratic. But oh God, I feel blessed just being able to go! I blew the dust off my camera just earlier and recharged the battery in anticipation.

I think my semi-success with the case challenge has reconciled the parents a bit about the trip too. At least now they know that I don’t just sit around on my ass all day, eating their hard-earned salaries.

So yes… I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting the guy who just made snow angels in spring, who just declared his love to me in snow for any passerby to see. (I know that, even if you don’t explicitly say it, you do try harder each time… Thank you baby 🙂 )

Finished 2nd for the case challenge… Given the amount of time and effort we spent, I suppose it’s one of the tolerable outcomes. The non-tolerable ones would be if we end up unranked and unmoneyed. So yay us!

Also finished my individual FIIM project today, which is a relief. From now on ’til 10 days later, it’s all gonna be CFAs and exams.

… Oh God. On one hand, I can’t believe I only have 9 days to study. On the other hand, another 9 days of slogging? Really?

And to make matters worse, I accidently took a glimpse of the list of rewards to be given out during Commencement. Now that I know that top accounting student gets loads of awards, I can’t help but to aim for that. But then again, I’m sure so many others are better than me – should I or should I not put in the effort? It’d be something to bring home to my parents, though. And my grandparents will be so proud! Their eldest grandchild, the top student.

But oh… I have a feeling I’m fighting a losing battle, I just need to know when to stop.

Plus I still have to pack. Starting to think twice about booking the airplane ticket for 11 pm on my last day of exam.

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