All grown up and nowhere to go

not bad for an end-school bang

Posted on: April 3, 2008

Finished 2nd for the case challenge… Given the amount of time and effort we spent, I suppose it’s one of the tolerable outcomes. The non-tolerable ones would be if we end up unranked and unmoneyed. So yay us!

Also finished my individual FIIM project today, which is a relief. From now on ’til 10 days later, it’s all gonna be CFAs and exams.

… Oh God. On one hand, I can’t believe I only have 9 days to study. On the other hand, another 9 days of slogging? Really?

And to make matters worse, I accidently took a glimpse of the list of rewards to be given out during Commencement. Now that I know that top accounting student gets loads of awards, I can’t help but to aim for that. But then again, I’m sure so many others are better than me – should I or should I not put in the effort? It’d be something to bring home to my parents, though. And my grandparents will be so proud! Their eldest grandchild, the top student.

But oh… I have a feeling I’m fighting a losing battle, I just need to know when to stop.

Plus I still have to pack. Starting to think twice about booking the airplane ticket for 11 pm on my last day of exam.


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