All grown up and nowhere to go


Posted on: April 6, 2008

Somehow, I can’t seem to escape countdowns. Ten more days, and I’ll be off with British Airways. Landing on T4 Heathrow thank you very much. I checked and re-checked, just to make sure I completely avoid T5.

The possibilities once I’m there are endless. I can go wherever I want, do whatever. I can go to the casino with cbkia and then go home to study afterwards, stopping in time for a musical. I think that all this time, I’ve been worrying so much about the administrative side of it that I lost the forest for the trees.

EUROPE!!! I mean, it’s Europe. And not just any Europe, Eastern Europe!!! Where the people speak funny and the currencies are confusing and the weather is erratic. But oh God, I feel blessed just being able to go! I blew the dust off my camera just earlier and recharged the battery in anticipation.

I think my semi-success with the case challenge has reconciled the parents a bit about the trip too. At least now they know that I don’t just sit around on my ass all day, eating their hard-earned salaries.

So yes… I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting the guy who just made snow angels in spring, who just declared his love to me in snow for any passerby to see. (I know that, even if you don’t explicitly say it, you do try harder each time… Thank you baby 🙂 )


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