All grown up and nowhere to go

London, then Amsterdam

Posted on: April 18, 2008

Hellooooooo world!

Arrived at London yesterday in the wee hours in the morning. Had dim sum, checked out the casino, walked up to Covent Garden… And today we’ll be heading to Amsterdam for some cultural infusion.

It’s freezing in London. cbkia was teasing me about how noob I was, but the wind was crazy! I can feel bits of my skin getting drier and drier… Had to lather up with Clarins moisturiser. So far the two days have been filled with loads of sleep to overcome the jetlag, but am excited to explore another city today!

Aight, time to go… The London weather will be getting better the next few days, let’s hope I can discard the scarf, cap and tights then!



1 Response to "London, then Amsterdam"

Heyo darlin!!!

Am flying tomorrow morning (SG time) so will be in new york that night. must keep incontact via email k?

Constant updates too. Or syd will feel very bored. hehe.

Love ya!!

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