All grown up and nowhere to go


Posted on: May 1, 2008

Two weeks ago (gosh, how time flies!) we made our way to this city of sin (and bikes). Our journey started at the Central Station… Dutch isn’t all that similar to English and reading the signs can be a little confusing at times!

From inside the train.

Which smells like pee!

We stayed at a caravan managed by Lucky Lake Hostel, but didn’t feel so lucky on the first night. Upon arrival we wanted to find a restaurant by the lake, and somehow just couldn’t find it amongst the untrodden paths. No living being in sight to ask for directions either, because it happened to be freezing. Settled for a lake picture and then a jiggly jog back for overpriced pizza at the hostel, which by the way charged for everything from shuttle transport to a bloody mini heater. I saw a coin slot in the shower and thought they’d charge for hot water too!

Us, blue from the cold and breathless from the wind!

The next day was just as chilly. We didn’t want to step out of the warm, clean tram.

Bought cups of coffee and hot chocolate just so we could hold them for warmth!

Went to Van Gogh museum and this is of course the famed sunflowers painting. Van Gogh produced a lot of versions of the sunflowers still life while he was still not so crazy. Later on in life he suffered from a form of epilepsy which caused him to have hallucinations and fits. He cut off an earlobe and finally shot himself, dying a few days later.

View from a terrace.

I Amsterdam!

We loved the warmth of buildings!

Later on it got a bit sunny, perfect weather for strolling along dodgy alleys. The smaller words read ‘Jap bikes will be crushed’.

I believe it is rape!

The Dutch customary snack: croquettes with mustard and thick fries (patats) with mayo and ketchup!

We were too lazy to go inside, but the garden outside was beautiful enough to take pictures of.

More of the Rijks Museum.

Pretty right? What you can’t see is a pair of frogs at a pond nearby, doing it like they do in the Discovery Channel before our very eyes.

ca-si-NOOOOO. I played a live 10-men tourney and although I had a pretty good start, screwed it all by putting all my chips on a gutshot straight. The cbkia was cursing me all the way after. Better start playing more often… I’m rusty!

A street performer juggling three flaming torches while balancing a bike on his chin.

And then, he juggled a machette, an orange and a live buzzing chainsaw. That thing’s blade is the same length as your lower arm! Brrrr.

Where did I park my bike?

The central station: get your trains, metros, buses, trams and horse shit right here!

Anne Frank’s house. The museum visit was like a story-telling session. Although the educational value was not lost on me, I can’t help thinking that the Frank family was quite frankly a richie that escaped much of the harm caused by the Nazis, and the children a spoiled bunch who were still smuggled movie magazines in the very well furnished hiding place while other Jews were tortured. A boy who was hiding with them still received a stock-trading boardgame on his birthday. Um, hello? And then, after they all died except for the father (Otto Frank), he found his daughter’s diary. And just like the successful businessman that he was, he went to publish it. Meh… I don’t buy into this whole Anne Frank thing. The persecution of the Jews is clearly a horror, so why focus on only one child?

But it was still very sad.

Next day, brighter things, Old Dutch Pancake with bananas!

On the paddleboat along the Leidseplein canal.

This is a rather tiring exercise! Especially when two Chinese kukubirds are getting themselves lost by paddling without checking the directions first!

Yeah… we were lost.

Lost, lost, lost.


Discovered: Chinatown!

And that wonder of wonders, bubble tea.

Some nicely spaced cake?

Owner of the coffee shop was nice enough to take a picture of us sipping coffee. Um, yeah. Cough.

Cannabis seed: Legal and bred well.

What’s Amsterdam without the red light district, just a coupla blocks off Chinatown? We checked out a lot of girls, from pre-teens to questionable MILFs.

The Ajax Arena / stadium! Um, I’m still not entirely sure what it is, but the cbkia loves it.

The famous blu (golden) (they change colours everyday?) bridge at the Waterlooplein. We asked an Amsterdamie about any possible story behind it, but apparently it’s not interesting enough for him to know 😀

Bye, Amstie!


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