All grown up and nowhere to go

I feel poopy

Posted on: May 13, 2008

While I was in Leicester Square yesterday, I wasn’t able to catch even the tiniest glimpse of SJP or Kim Catrall for the world premiere of the SATC movie šŸ˜¦ What a waste! The roads were blocked here and there and only the groupies who camped early could get near enough to take pictures. I could only jump up and down, craning my neck, fueled by bouts of screaming happening upfront. Oh wells. But the movie really generated a lot of attention, tourists speaking different languages are pronouncing “Sex And The City” in various accents as they, like me, attempted in vain to see the stars.

I bought birkies and some books from Amazon but now it seems like they won’t be delivered until 27 May. I bought some stuff from ASOS but now it seems like, despite paying for delivery and having legitimate identity, they are questioning the integrity of my order because the name on my card isn’t the same as the one under my ASOS account. WHAT THE FUCK??? What if I’d registered Easter Bunny as my ASOS account name? It still doesn’t make a difference so long as the billing name is my name, does it??? Besides, if I’m really using someone else’s card to buy stuff online, I think I’ll be buying something a wee bit more expensive than ASOS goods.

And that’s precisely the reason for my poopiness. The British’s propensity for being anal is driving me nuts. I’m tired of bureaucracy and red tape, tired of ‘frustrating inconveniences’, tired of being made to feel like I’d committed a crime when I haven’t. With the PMS that I’m having, I really suddenly wish that Britain will beĀ attacked just to realize their extreme paranoia. Rahhhhhh!


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