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Posted on: May 20, 2008

The cbkia is bewildered with the amount of post I have been getting, all courtesy of Indeed I have been freely bequeathing upon myself such treasures as books and Birks (going for 15 GBP, which is an outright steal!) and I have found Amazon’s service much much speedier than stinky ASOS. Syd’s took up the ordering slack last week and not a peep have I heard from the anxiously-awaited for ASOS delivery, worth 100 GBP no less!

If I were to point out one of the most delicious bits of online shopping, it would be the experience of laying eyes on a bulky post item addressed to you. First, this eliminates the prospect of the morning post being yet another dreary set of junk/bills/letters of invitation from the Singapore Tourism Board to apply for a ‘much sought after’ position with them. Second, such mysteriously-shaped delivery opens your mind to wonderful imaginery as to what might be inside (the fact that you yourself ordered the item having been, for the moment, conveniently forgotten). 

This moment of bliss over, it’s time to pick up the delivery and shake it by your ear to invite further guesses from your much alive thoughts. And then, it is nothing but pure joy to pick up the kitchen scissors which your boyfriend had, on the previous night, made use of to gouge coagulated blood out of the pack of ASDA chicken, and slash the package right open.

And those would be the most precious minutes of your online shopping life. So addictive were they that you can’t help logging on once again to to see what other wonders lie ahead.

I was trying to adapt to the style of writing of Wilkie Collins above. Basically when I ordered my Birks, I was 3 cents short of being eligible for free delivery, so I thought purchasing a ‘Penguin Popular Classic’ would be the cheapest way out of paying delivery (and indeed the book only cost me 1.80 GBP).

The book has been captivating me ever since. It’s called The Moonstone and the story is so wonderful, the way it’s told. From my experience reading (or, more accurately, attempting to read) Wuthering Heights, the language acted like a barrier. That is an euphemism for it being boring. So I guess not all classics are shitty, and I’m glad to report that Wilkie Collins is one awesome laudanum-addicted writer.

Apart from occupying myself with online shopping, I’ve been revising for the impending doom that is the CFA exam. Honestly, I can’t imagine why they’d want to test on so many things at once, and make everything so bloody expensive. If you’re gonna make someone pay US$220 on a set of textbooks of biblical proportions, please be kind enough as to NOT HAVE ANY MISTAKES IN THEM. I got so confused and turned around when reading one of the stupid texts sometimes that I felt like tearing the thing in two. I would have, too, but it was too thick and heavy.

Oh well, complaints, complaints, complaints. I’ll refrain from whining more, I hate the sound of me myself. Actually I’m just whiling the time before Geoff, the cbkia and myself are scheduled to go to ASDA, at 12.30 am. 24-hour shopping is such a marvel! I haven’t checked the temperature, but it should be a nice warm 10 degrees (sarcasm noted please), in MAY (heavier sarcasm here), so I’d better pad up.

Watching Les Miserables with Chang Qi tomorrow, and then I think I’m supposed to meet Jeremy Ho in the morning on Wednesday but for the life of me I can’t remember the exact time… better check with him soon. Except I don’t have credit in the Orange card. Oh well. I suppose it’ll sort itself out.

One week left, and still so many things to do! Greenwich, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, not to mention scouring high street some more for Syd’s boots and my own graduation dress and bits and pieces in between! Want to pop by Nando’s and Elephant Royale too if I have the chance. The cbkia is moving to Waterloo soon by the by, such a lovely location… tempting me to visit again in December!

I guess I’ll end my aimless, directionless post here. I suppose next time I should put up some pictures so that it’s not all boring words… Bleah.


2 Responses to "online shopping"

OMG i had the moonstone bk as a kid!!! haha but i nv read it, bought it cos the cover had the most a-mayzing teardrop diamond smack on the cover. hahaha

Haha I think I know which version you’re referring too… the cover art IS quite pretty. I had the penguin classics version, kinda like our lit texts @ bath!

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