All grown up and nowhere to go


Posted on: May 25, 2008

The cbkia is bringing me to Nobu at the Met tomorrow. I can’t wait to try Jap food mixed with a bit of Latin American touch! Before which it’ll be Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards (though I now feel more excited about the lunch than seeing the guards… I expect it to be similar to the ordeal at Prague).

We’ll finally be shopping at high street together too. I’ll have to retrace my steps a bit to process my VAT claims at some shops. Hopefully they won’t mind me showing just a battered receipt. If I have to lug all my barangs back it’ll be rather cumbersome.

I’ve been fascinating myself with Diana Wynne Jones’ books. At 0.01GBP each on, you really can’t complain much. Her storytelling is truly magical, much more captivating than smelly JK Rowling and her emo Harry. I’m all ready and excited to order her books back home through Kinokuniya!

Being in London for the second time makes me realize how exciting life is here. Not that I go to clubs and party all the time (in fact, I didn’t, at all), but there’re just so many things to do here in terms of arts and literature as opposed to Singapore. Musicals go on for years, plays and comedies abound, and the amount of books! The UK really does the arts scene way better than Singapore. I saw an advert for a ballet starting in June. Pity I won’t be here then.

Life here feels much more unrestrained too. The absence of parents clearly helps. I find myself enjoying housework (except for vacuuming, the cbkia’s vacuum emits a rather weird odor and I scurry for the door everytime he turns it on) when I’m not being scolded into doing them. I can structure my time better and I find I’m not one of those people who, without supervision, will just go on DOTA-ing all day.

I love this city and its cold, windy weather. Everything about it is great except for the anal nature of the Brits and the tube smell. I really, really want to work here. I don’t even mind doing Accounting stuff, I just want to work in London! I wonder if I’d gone on finding work, if I’d managed to secure something here… But I have a feeling that without a UK degree I will lose out. LSE postgrad in 2 -3 years, and then we’ll see.


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