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I don’t know if it’s the way I was brought up, but I’ve always secretly wished I’d been born a Japanese.

I love Japanese food, snacks, cars, manga and video games. It all started with me being sick as a kid and my dad buying me a set of Doraemon comics. How long ago that was. And then I got thoroughly hooked with manga, since back in Indo they’ll scan it on reverse so it reads left to right and translate it to Indo as well.

Then there was the whole Sailor Moon craze. In my school, everyone started using obvious-imitation Sailor Moon backpacks to school, and the TV on Sunday mornings would show the cartoon. I hated the series myself because the main character was a crybaby and the glorified transformation scenes were so… girly. But still, it brought around a series of other televised mangas to cash in on the trend.

Also, as I grew up some more I became aware of how the Japanese maintain such smooth fair skin and trim bodies due to their diet, and I thought they must be doing some things right.

And then there was my first boyfriend introducing me to Playstation games, which I still turn to occasionally even now. Which brings me to the point…

I’d been playing Shadow Hearts 3 two years ago right before I had to fly off to Bath for exchange. I must have left the disc inside. I’m not sure what my brother did to it while I was gone (since he’d been playing some dumb Harry Potter games on the PS2) but it was inside the case as I checked today, when I felt the whim to complete it. See, I was left with the very very last boss fight. Did every side quest, found everyone’s ultimate weapon… So it was irritating when I loaded the disc and I couldn’t enter the final venue to fight the endgame boss. I could access other places in the game fine, but when it came to that destination the disc froze. The frustrating thing was I remembered having explored the dungeon there before, but opted to go back to the save point at the beginning. AAAACKKKK!

So I wish I was Jap, because then I wouldn’t have so much trouble finding the game in the market. Being 2 years old, it’d be considered quite a rare game over here and indeed was OOS in the Singaporean websites I googled. SIGH.

I loved the Shadow Hearts series! 😦

Well, another reason I posted this I-wish-I-was-Jap entry was because I felt like eating Jap curry rice today.


Jing needs to air her room badly. Smells like alcohol in there. I woke up earlier and talked to her mum, then her mum wanted to wake her up. Started walking towards the room and I was like OMG CANNOT THE SMELL IS SUPER STRONG. I think I got her out of the room before anything registered, but she saw the fluffy hairband I put on Jing to hold her hair up when she wanted to hurl. Yeah okay I couldn’t find any normal-looking hairband, it was 4.30 am in the morning.

But anyway… this is an emo post. I really miss the cbkia, it’s just a burst of feeling out of a sudden. I talked to him before I slept because I remembered how he took care of me when I was sick following our Amst trip. I kept on whining and he stuck through it all, he kept comforting me and didn’t get pissed at all even when he had to lug most of our barangs AS WELL AS ME, who was teetering all over and generally very unglam.

I think that episode made me love him more, on top of letting me see that he confirm-plus-chops loves me deeply. If he didn’t love me he wouldn’t let me breath snot onto his sweater starting from the plane ride to the transfer bus to the tube to the DLR.

I didn’t tell him all this yesterday night though, because 1) it’s kind of a mouthful and 2) I’m trying to keep my voice down because someone else in the room, oh She with the fluffy hairband, was sleeping peacefully. Actually her sleeping position was quite unglam but I shall not kiss and tell. Hur hur hur. Or hurl hurl hurl? 😛

And then this morning was about to drop him a lovey-dovey message on fb (phone died) and what do I find on his fb wall? Some girls writing looong loooong messages to him with stuff like hee hee and xoxo. But it’s okay, I shall keep cool as cucumber and not let on that I’m irritated that I don’t have guys to FWI with. (flirt without intention)

Nowadays if a fella tries a line on me I probably wouldn’t know how to respond to it. For example, yesterday a paunchy ang moh tried to get us to ‘just have a few drinks’ and to ‘not be afraid’ and all I can say in reply was to shout out ‘we’re not afraid, we’re disgusted’. What kind of comeback was that? I could’ve said, “Sorry, we prefer guys even older than you.” or “Sorry, you’re not bald enough for us” or “Sorry, we’re racist.”


I suck. and I emo. 😦

Yesterday, Jing texted me asking if I wanted to do a wardrobe sale. So last night we both rummaged for stuff long forgotten, hidden in the deepest crevices of our respective cupboards… This afternoon, I cabbed over to her place with a Hamleys-bag full of clothes and two shoe bags for a quickie photoshoot. Et voila! Our Wardrobe sale website is up and running now, a mere 12 hours later at

Do come by if you have a penchant for female clothing, prices start from SGD2.00, and end not much further than that 🙂

The peach top, black / green halter ankle-length dresses in the above picture are all NEW (impulse buys, ring a bell?). That bottle of classic fragrance cK one is also untouched. I’ve never opened it, because I already had another identical bottle and am just not into the scent.

Was initially very lazy to go on account of extremely pale skin, but I suppose one has to start somewhere. I think Neutrogena was one of the sponsors. The spray-on sunblock is really spiffy. SPF45, no wiping required, and nary a tanline.

Syd was obviously on the platform… 😀 But she looks gorgeous and erm, filled.

We were made to wait for approx 3 years before they started the shoot.

Spot the identical suits!

One of the attractions was a brush-on tattoo booth. Why get real when you can get fake? Speaking of which, I don’t know when I’ll ever find time to get that coupley tattoo with the cbkia, since we cannot for the love of us decide on a theme. cbkia, how about this Maori symbol?

The Single Twist

“It represents the joining together of two people. Even though sometimes people move away, their journey of life will have their paths cross again. The single figure eight represents the path of life, it is the eternity symbol. (The single twist is different to the double or triple twist in that it refers to individual people, where the double and triple twist refers more to the joining of peoples, or cultures)”

Posing with fireman after his show @ Gotham

This past Wednesday, went clubhopping with the dance girls. Started at Arena (free lychee martinies), then dropped by Attica (no free drinks so we went off, CHEAPSKATE N PROUD OF IT), then Gotham (no free drinks but hot fireman show made it up with his hose), then finally settled down at O Bar, if you can call drinking 100,000 shots of tequila ‘settling down’.

It was more fun than I had imagined, and apparently from testimonials of The Morning After, more fun than we could handle… Personally, I had never wanted to be sick so much on the bus, and I had never before seen the need to wear sunnies just so I could walk around in public with eyes half-closed.

Drinking effects aside, it was really nice to finally catch up with the girls after so long. I realize what I’ve been missing out on, all cooped up at home with CFA and/or mugging and/or a broken foot. And how much have we grown! We had fun, but it wasn’t naive wild uncontrollable fun, it was mature wild uncotrollable fun.

Erm, there is a difference. I think.

Next week, again. Also have plans to stay over at Jing’s that night, and Mag is joining us. Jing’s mum is going to demonstrate otah-making, hopefully I can get a picture of it. She makes it in thick slabs of soft yumminess, not like the thin flat stripes you get outside, so rather than tasting more air than the otah, the taste of hers really breaks out in your mouth.

And speaking of Jing… aka VERA TAN, MISS MAXIM 2008 FINALIST

Go to to view her profile & vote, 3 times/day, doesn’t have to be after food. If she wins, she’s buying us all a drink, which for me won’t be tequila. Ahem. Right Jing? 😀

My new late-night obsession. I was up until 4am last night, gasping and clenching my throat because of all the duplicity going on. I caught up with 2 years’ worth of manga methinks. The only weird thing is no matter how badly hurt everyone is, no one really ever dies. Hmmm. But that’s fine by me, I’m totally rooting for the main character. Hey-hoo!

The US elections are finally reaching the last leg of the race. It’s just like American Idol last time with the black guy Reuben something, and the white Clay Aiken. Even McCain sounds like Aiken backwards. Erm, okay maybe that’s stretchin it.

I was kind of rooting for Hillary at first because I thought, female President, cool. But that’s just it – a female president is a very revolutionary concept and for me, after listening to Hilary’s speeches (okay, one speech, about oil prices, which totally did NOT make sense), she can’t live up to the concept. But then again, Obama is soft too. If you strain your ear and listen to his argument, they are intelligent and all, but you have to strain, ‘see. His personality isn’t strong enough. And he tends to sound like an evangelist which is such a turnoff. McCain will crush him in a debate like a wee peanut.

Then again, why am I even talking about US politics? Picture the amount of campaigning which has been done, then imagine how much worse the US debt will be by the end of this year.

On to prom. Bought a pair of Charles & Keith* silver pumps for the prom. I mean, grad night. Bah. I know I shouldn’t keep thinking of it as prom, but it IS very prommy. I can’t get over the theme, sorry. At least it’s an excuse to wear green.

Nipped off to Karen Millen and was dismayed to find that they do not stock size 6 for this pretty dress with a back dip and a bow :(:(:( (erm, of course I doubt I’d be able to eat for a month if I were to buy yet another KM dress, but it was after CFA. I was in a daze as my brain started the process of vacuum-cleaning my head free of financial statement analysis)

Pretty pretty!

*You know, Charles & Keith have been busy with those shoe designs. Although their colour choices are still drab (beige/black) and some shoes are still aunty-magnets, some others are quite style-for-money. I liked Zhi’s gladiator sandals (and I’d never have thought they were C&K)!