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elections and prom. i mean, grad night

Posted on: June 8, 2008

The US elections are finally reaching the last leg of the race. It’s just like American Idol last time with the black guy Reuben something, and the white Clay Aiken. Even McCain sounds like Aiken backwards. Erm, okay maybe that’s stretchin it.

I was kind of rooting for Hillary at first because I thought, female President, cool. But that’s just it – a female president is a very revolutionary concept and for me, after listening to Hilary’s speeches (okay, one speech, about oil prices, which totally did NOT make sense), she can’t live up to the concept. But then again, Obama is soft too. If you strain your ear and listen to his argument, they are intelligent and all, but you have to strain, ‘see. His personality isn’t strong enough. And he tends to sound like an evangelist which is such a turnoff. McCain will crush him in a debate like a wee peanut.

Then again, why am I even talking about US politics? Picture the amount of campaigning which has been done, then imagine how much worse the US debt will be by the end of this year.

On to prom. Bought a pair of Charles & Keith* silver pumps for the prom. I mean, grad night. Bah. I know I shouldn’t keep thinking of it as prom, but it IS very prommy. I can’t get over the theme, sorry. At least it’s an excuse to wear green.

Nipped off to Karen Millen and was dismayed to find that they do not stock size 6 for this pretty dress with a back dip and a bow :(:(:( (erm, of course I doubt I’d be able to eat for a month if I were to buy yet another KM dress, but it was after CFA. I was in a daze as my brain started the process of vacuum-cleaning my head free of financial statement analysis)

Pretty pretty!

*You know, Charles & Keith have been busy with those shoe designs. Although their colour choices are still drab (beige/black) and some shoes are still aunty-magnets, some others are quite style-for-money. I liked Zhi’s gladiator sandals (and I’d never have thought they were C&K)!


3 Responses to "elections and prom. i mean, grad night"

wooot! thanks for the compliment dahhhling 🙂 🙂 they have ’em in white too. go chekkidout.

ahah thanks darling, i’ll check it out when i can afford another footwear… bought 4 pairs from london alone… 😐

WOW! that’s a lot. wear ’em out the next time!

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