All grown up and nowhere to go

good clean fun + MAXIMise her

Posted on: June 21, 2008

Posing with fireman after his show @ Gotham

This past Wednesday, went clubhopping with the dance girls. Started at Arena (free lychee martinies), then dropped by Attica (no free drinks so we went off, CHEAPSKATE N PROUD OF IT), then Gotham (no free drinks but hot fireman show made it up with his hose), then finally settled down at O Bar, if you can call drinking 100,000 shots of tequila ‘settling down’.

It was more fun than I had imagined, and apparently from testimonials of The Morning After, more fun than we could handle… Personally, I had never wanted to be sick so much on the bus, and I had never before seen the need to wear sunnies just so I could walk around in public with eyes half-closed.

Drinking effects aside, it was really nice to finally catch up with the girls after so long. I realize what I’ve been missing out on, all cooped up at home with CFA and/or mugging and/or a broken foot. And how much have we grown! We had fun, but it wasn’t naive wild uncontrollable fun, it was mature wild uncotrollable fun.

Erm, there is a difference. I think.

Next week, again. Also have plans to stay over at Jing’s that night, and Mag is joining us. Jing’s mum is going to demonstrate otah-making, hopefully I can get a picture of it. She makes it in thick slabs of soft yumminess, not like the thin flat stripes you get outside, so rather than tasting more air than the otah, the taste of hers really breaks out in your mouth.

And speaking of Jing… aka VERA TAN, MISS MAXIM 2008 FINALIST

Go to to view her profile & vote, 3 times/day, doesn’t have to be after food. If she wins, she’s buying us all a drink, which for me won’t be tequila. Ahem. Right Jing? 😀


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