All grown up and nowhere to go

CLEO swimsuit shoot

Posted on: June 23, 2008

Was initially very lazy to go on account of extremely pale skin, but I suppose one has to start somewhere. I think Neutrogena was one of the sponsors. The spray-on sunblock is really spiffy. SPF45, no wiping required, and nary a tanline.

Syd was obviously on the platform… 😀 But she looks gorgeous and erm, filled.

We were made to wait for approx 3 years before they started the shoot.

Spot the identical suits!

One of the attractions was a brush-on tattoo booth. Why get real when you can get fake? Speaking of which, I don’t know when I’ll ever find time to get that coupley tattoo with the cbkia, since we cannot for the love of us decide on a theme. cbkia, how about this Maori symbol?

The Single Twist

“It represents the joining together of two people. Even though sometimes people move away, their journey of life will have their paths cross again. The single figure eight represents the path of life, it is the eternity symbol. (The single twist is different to the double or triple twist in that it refers to individual people, where the double and triple twist refers more to the joining of peoples, or cultures)”


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