All grown up and nowhere to go

my secret wish

Posted on: June 28, 2008

I don’t know if it’s the way I was brought up, but I’ve always secretly wished I’d been born a Japanese.

I love Japanese food, snacks, cars, manga and video games. It all started with me being sick as a kid and my dad buying me a set of Doraemon comics. How long ago that was. And then I got thoroughly hooked with manga, since back in Indo they’ll scan it on reverse so it reads left to right and translate it to Indo as well.

Then there was the whole Sailor Moon craze. In my school, everyone started using obvious-imitation Sailor Moon backpacks to school, and the TV on Sunday mornings would show the cartoon. I hated the series myself because the main character was a crybaby and the glorified transformation scenes were so… girly. But still, it brought around a series of other televised mangas to cash in on the trend.

Also, as I grew up some more I became aware of how the Japanese maintain such smooth fair skin and trim bodies due to their diet, and I thought they must be doing some things right.

And then there was my first boyfriend introducing me to Playstation games, which I still turn to occasionally even now. Which brings me to the point…

I’d been playing Shadow Hearts 3 two years ago right before I had to fly off to Bath for exchange. I must have left the disc inside. I’m not sure what my brother did to it while I was gone (since he’d been playing some dumb Harry Potter games on the PS2) but it was inside the case as I checked today, when I felt the whim to complete it. See, I was left with the very very last boss fight. Did every side quest, found everyone’s ultimate weapon… So it was irritating when I loaded the disc and I couldn’t enter the final venue to fight the endgame boss. I could access other places in the game fine, but when it came to that destination the disc froze. The frustrating thing was I remembered having explored the dungeon there before, but opted to go back to the save point at the beginning. AAAACKKKK!

So I wish I was Jap, because then I wouldn’t have so much trouble finding the game in the market. Being 2 years old, it’d be considered quite a rare game over here and indeed was OOS in the Singaporean websites I googled. SIGH.

I loved the Shadow Hearts series! 😦

Well, another reason I posted this I-wish-I-was-Jap entry was because I felt like eating Jap curry rice today.


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