All grown up and nowhere to go

the best job perk

Posted on: July 5, 2008

Free cab rides after 9 pm. So my plan is, I’m gonna stick around the office until exactly 9 pm sharp and then go home.

I really loathe taking bus back (long journey, packed, jolty ride) so yes, that’s the plan.

It took me 3 days to get into the pace of work. I walked around with tired eyes for that period, silently whining to myself about the lack of afternoon naps and so on. And then on the third day at 8 pm, I was just doing some Excel stuff when I literally woke up. Like, I felt myself wake up and get an infusion of energy out of nowhere. I’m starting to think it’s possibly to work late, party afterwards, then get to work the next day.

Maybe after I’m finally done with the little project I’m doing for the CFO. Received the task on the very first day, before I even met the department for my first rotation. Fast-paced much!


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