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The One Who Got Away

Posted on: July 16, 2008

It’s been ape years since I last blogged, and don’t wanna talk about work because it’s too depressing so yes, let’s talk about that ex-significant other who got away.

Everyone has them. The Ones Who Got Away, I mean. For each person there’s that particular ex-lover/fling/bf/gf who left and left you devastated. You know, that boy you met and dated for two weeks and then never called you back. Or the one night stand that still burns your mind whenever you think about her. Or the girlfriend of five years who suddenly freaked out and cut off all contacts. Basically, The One Who Got Away is the one person you’re no longer with but still think about from time to time, wondering ‘what if?’, etc etc. The One Who Got Away left you with a scar, but you still sort of fancy them, sort of.

Wonder why that is? I suppose it is human nature to always long for something that you know you can’t have. It’s the idea that attracts you to The One Who Got Away. The person him/herself may not necessarily be all that. My theory is that, if The One Who Got Away did not in fact get away, you may discover that the spark disappears pretty quickly.

But because they DID get away, they become all that more attractive.



Or not. I is gonna sleep. Tired.


1 Response to "The One Who Got Away"

yuh i think that’s true. i think it’s survival instinct really, that drives us to be constantly dissatisfied with something when we have it, then when we are deprived of something, we acutely feel its absence. funny huh.

hang in there re : work yeah darl!

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