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The heart wants what the heart wants

Posted on: July 19, 2008

Today, I rediscovered the fact that I’m not a very good poker player. Was so disappointed in myself. I had fantastic hands in which I betted too aggressively too soon. I had mediocre hands in which I betted too aggressively as well. I was impatient the whole night. I suppose quarreling doesn’t help, in which case I shouldn’t have started playing before I cooled down.

But whatever. I was playing a game with unknown stakes, only knew the real stakes after it was over. And it results in me only retiring at 3.30 am in the morning, compounded by the Story of the Pillow.

The Story of The Pillow:

I bought a new pillow yesterday. Jap brand, very pouffy and soft. Syd said all pillows have the same size so I had no qualms. So just now at 3.15 am I was removing the pillow cover off the old, flat, lifeless and probably droolfull old pillow and putting it over the new Jap one.

No matter how much I squeezed, it still wouldn’t go in. Honest. Even the chambermaid at Ritz Carlton who should be expert at making beds would not have managed to squeeze the Jap pillow in. It’s just too pouffy for my flat pillow cover.

So I suppose it’s true that there’s only one pillow size in Singapore, but it’s a different size from the uni-size pillow of Indonesia, which was where my pillow cover was from.

But anyway, that episode left me very frustrated. I’m currently resting my back against a misshapen lump that’s the half-squeezed in Jap pillow. Its shape wouldn’t budge no matter how much I whacked it, as if a testimony of my failure.

But I do digress. Despite the fact that the digression is partly relevant as it results in much added frustration. In fact, I’m starting to feel like a relationship is just like pillow-cover-fitting. Sometimes, when you buy a potentially comfortable-looking pillow, it might not work out. Because the pillow simply wouldn’t fit the cover no matter how hard you squeeze it. In the end, you end up sweaty and upset, your pillow cover ripped and you can’t even punch the stubborn pillow to hurt it because your fist will just bounce right back.

And I’m just wondering, you can’t throw away the pillow after you’ve just bought it. So what, do you take the time to sew a new pillow cover after getting the pillow’s measurements right? Or do you simply hang on day by day, hoping to fit the cover onto the pillow by some lucky break one night? To be honest, the latter sounds quite stupid and it is indeed stupid.

Sewing a new pillow cover takes time though, and it needs the pillow’s co-operation. What if everytime you put a tape measure over it, the pillow slides right through? Despite the fact that you’re showing the pillow that you’re trying your best, the pillow keeps quiet and doesn’t say anything, and repeats its act every night of not getting into the pillow cover.

Frickin’ Japanese pillows. Goddamnit.


1 Response to "The heart wants what the heart wants"

an apt analogy.


see you tomorrow for dnr darl 🙂

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