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The past few days have been filled with abrupt unexpected changes. My laptop was invaded with a virus unrecognizable by my then existing antivirus program (stupid, stupid, useless piece of -!) so I had to back up, reformat, start afresh. I forgot to back up some stuff, which is now lost forever.

My mobile split into two. I had difficulties trying to obtain the data stored inside it at the Nokia Care Centre. The girl initially serving me seemed to not want to do much, apparently not one to do the math between hysterical demands + sunglasses in an enclosed environment + phone split into two. She kept insisting the motherboard had already exploded and everything inside was ruined. She then modified her statement by adding “probably”. Fishy fishy. I pushed and pushed and they had to replace her with another person who’s clearly more experienced. My data was all there and he helped me back up everything into the memory card.

Have to use my sister’s phone now, an old Nokia model as chunky as a Toblerone bar. I need to get a new phone soon. The backup phone is flaking round the edges, not something you can be seen with in the high-tech Blackberry environment of the bank. Despite having ‘reserved’ an iPhone, Singtel requested us to set yet another appointment for God knows what. I thought the point of making a reservation is for you to get what you reserve in the end. What a farce.

And yet the changes seemed Meant To Be in the end. Something’s got to give, nothing can stay stagnant forever. Just like cake grows mould, fruit becomes rotten, milk goes sour.

I have already made a vow that I won’t be blogging sentimentally anymore but somehow these days I keep breaking that vow. Right now I really can’t abide by that vow, everything is still too fresh and painful (obviously I’m not only mourning a bunch of electronic gadgets). I’ve ceased to know what I want.


If you really care about someone’s feelings, would you say certain things, act in a certain way, and never give in?


I had a dream yesterday. Usually when you dream, not all of your five senses get down and dirty. Sight of course, and touch. Your mind makes you think you’re seeing and touching stuff. I’m not sure about hearing though, because the dreams I have float around. Although I suppose the people in my dreams are talking, but it doesn’t feel like they’re talking out loud, more like I’m reading their minds, know what I mean?

Taste. Well, not much of that unless you’re sleeping on a bed of sweets. But smell? I actually experienced that yesterday.

It was the scent of a male cologne. Very fresh yet bittersweet. Even when I woke up this morning, I still recalled the smell and its sadness, and it was the only thing I remembered about the dream.

It was actually kind of sensual as well. Hmmm. Must be because the previous night I was watching Olympic swim hunks battle it out. Michael Phelps looked like an arrogant b* but he sure can swim!

This weekend is just not working for me. It’s like I’m a TV show about a Series of Misfortunes with advert slots for Small Irritations. Let’s start from the top.

1. I’m a Really Bad Driver

I was volunteered into my dept’s Go-Kart racing team to compete in a company race a month from now. So yesterday on TGIF we left office at 5.30pm for a training session. Well the place was at the ulu side of Jurong (yes, Jurong itself is ulu but there is an ulu side to the ulu side). Crickets chirping and all that. Only three people on the track – myself and my 2 colleagues. At first things were fine except for the too big helmet (despite the fact that it’s Kids size. My head is really small) which kept slipping whenever I sped up. But then I skidded a couple of times. Then I banged into a grassy mound. Which turned out to be a big slab of rock. Which flung out. Smokes. I jumped up, YIKES! But I was lucky that I wasn’t injured at all. The big slab of rock was injured more than me, since it flew a few meters and all.

Unfortunately the next thing I decided to bang into was my colleague, because we’re racing and I’m aggro and I thought the bloody thing was sturdy. Well I damaged his go-kart. Why didn’t they explain the safety bits? As I recall, they took the registration money, asked us to put on the helmets, and told us that left pedal was to accelerate and right was to brake. I discovered that the right pedal was to accelerate and the left was to brake.

I suppose the good side of it is that now I know I can bang a rock without getting a scratch. (It was a pretty huge one as well, imagine a 4-seater table at Mac’s and that’s the surface area of the rock. It’s about 30 cm thick. Very rough in texture, very authentic concrete-y slab.)

2. Don’t Let Me Touch It

Friday night was MTP night at Marc’s. I shared a seat with the cbkia (with whom I’m no longer on a break with, we’re getting on rather well nowadays especially since he gave good massages when I had cramps). Everytime I told him I wanted to play the next hand. The next hand would turn out to be unplayable. Everytime I touched our pair of cards first, they ended up being things like 47 off, Q2 off, 23off, basically everything-under-the-sun off with maximum 1 picture card (but never A or K). But the cbkia did well and won us a net profit of $197, which even covers my Go-Kart wallabingbang.

3. The PINnacle of The Weekend

Most irritating of all was work. I brought my laptop home because the boss wanted me to work on something over the weekend. So I tried. In order to access the VPN (since the files were all saved in the company network drive and not my own hard drive) I had to key in a PIN. It worked last week but of course started screaming BAD PIN in blinking text glory when I tried it this time around.

So, fine. Can’t work from home, let’s go to the office. Except that my workplace is at Centennial Tower. Today is National Day. Road closures all around. Wheeeee. So, fine. Let’s just bear with the s l o w traffic and blockages and get on with it. Reached office, scanned my access card. Ahh… on weekends we need to input a PIN code on top of scanning. Well, let’s input the PIN… Normally when I do this, I can hear the doors unlocking immediately. This time there was no response. I thought nothing of it until I pushed the door and it pushed me back, adamant. Let Me In, I said. The door stayed silent.


Small irritations include things like having really bad cramps, having to wait 15 minutes for the Post New Entry page to load, and the tiny niggling feeling that I have buttloads of work to do and no way to do them.

This is such a joke.

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