All grown up and nowhere to go

the U-turn on the road

Posted on: August 24, 2008

The past few days have been filled with abrupt unexpected changes. My laptop was invaded with a virus unrecognizable by my then existing antivirus program (stupid, stupid, useless piece of -!) so I had to back up, reformat, start afresh. I forgot to back up some stuff, which is now lost forever.

My mobile split into two. I had difficulties trying to obtain the data stored inside it at the Nokia Care Centre. The girl initially serving me seemed to not want to do much, apparently not one to do the math between hysterical demands + sunglasses in an enclosed environment + phone split into two. She kept insisting the motherboard had already exploded and everything inside was ruined. She then modified her statement by adding “probably”. Fishy fishy. I pushed and pushed and they had to replace her with another person who’s clearly more experienced. My data was all there and he helped me back up everything into the memory card.

Have to use my sister’s phone now, an old Nokia model as chunky as a Toblerone bar. I need to get a new phone soon. The backup phone is flaking round the edges, not something you can be seen with in the high-tech Blackberry environment of the bank. Despite having ‘reserved’ an iPhone, Singtel requested us to set yet another appointment for God knows what. I thought the point of making a reservation is for you to get what you reserve in the end. What a farce.

And yet the changes seemed Meant To Be in the end. Something’s got to give, nothing can stay stagnant forever. Just like cake grows mould, fruit becomes rotten, milk goes sour.

I have already made a vow that I won’t be blogging sentimentally anymore but somehow these days I keep breaking that vow. Right now I really can’t abide by that vow, everything is still too fresh and painful (obviously I’m not only mourning a bunch of electronic gadgets). I’ve ceased to know what I want.


If you really care about someone’s feelings, would you say certain things, act in a certain way, and never give in?


1 Response to "the U-turn on the road"

hey darl, not sure if your “fresh & painful” is about work … but u know u can confide in me yeah? *hugs*

and as for your question… i think it really depends on the context… but ultimately i think if u love someone u should not give up who you are… maybe u say what u think, but with tact.

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