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I clearly inherited my shopping habits from my dad, who just flew in from Jakarta bearing fruits. Loads of fruits. He brought in at least 15 mangos, and they’re now sitting snugly in a basket post-washup. The kitchen is filled with the tangy smell. Which makes me wonder how he manages to carry them from the airport, and whether the taxi driver doth protests too much.

The reason why I have breached the topic of shopaholism yet again is because, well, I find myself rather short of those bits of paper with the president’s face. Honestly. Although my salary is not gigantic, it isn’t measly either, yet where oh where have they all gone? I’ve invested a bit in FX of course, and then there’s the air ticket. And then… there’s the shopping.

I guess my current obsession with LBDs is not helping matters.

It’s obvious that, in the future, household expenses will be born by my unfortunate husband, whilst I spend my income on home decoration in the form of… Birkin bags.

Sigh. The future does not look good at all, especially since the only husband potential I have is more likely to spend his time at the Empire Casino hobnobbing with Doyle Brunson (may he age well) and ‘investing’ in roulette than writing the check for the electricity bill.

Speaking of which, it still feels rather surreal that the cbkia manages to snag a picture with the poker master himself, while the only interaction us wannabes in Singapore get is via Texas Dolly references during our bi-weekly MTPs. Two very different worlds, extremely far apart. How odd, how odd.


Just bought Lancome Hypnose mascara, L’Occitane Honey Harvest cleansing fluid, and Origins cooling mask for puffy eyes online.

We love online shopping!

Shoporgasm starts now.


Was in a meeting at work yesterday. Including mine, there were a total of 3 iPhones amongst 6 people. I was checking out the protector they had on – damn, if only I’d asked where they got it from.

Despite the fact that iPhone ownership is getting more common, I still feel a silly whoosh of pride when I take it out of my bag to answer a call. There’s a part of me that wants to start dancing around saying, “HAAAHAAA, I’ve got an iPhone and youuuu dooooon’t.”

Which is really petty, of course.

I know it’s just a phone, but I feel like I get more respect at work with it. People notice it, make conversations about it, treat me less like a lowly cockroach and more like an equal human being with an iPhone.

Material gloating aside, am bored. Brought work home for the weekend but I’m just gonna start that on Sunday. Saturdays are my lazy days. Which is why I’m meeting Jing for tea and compassion (and a Brazilian, but that’s just an aside).

Pump Room tonight. They were talks of bottle-opening, which if taken in the literal sense shouldn’t sound so daunting. But it is. I don’t want to drink so much again tonight… my baby ain’t here to cool me down.

Was downloading Sara Bareilles’ songs. Fairy Tale is one emancipatingly awesome tune.

Cinderella’s on her bedroom floor.
She’s got a crush on the guy at the liquor store.
’Cause Mr. Charming don’t come home anymore,
And she forgets why she came here.
Sleeping Beauty’s in a foul mood for shame.
She says, “None for you dear prince, I’m tired today.
I’d rather sleep my whole life away than have you,
Keep me from dreaming.”

’Cause I don’t care for your fairy tales.
You’re so worried ’bout the maiden though you know,
She’s only waiting on the next best thing.
Next best thing.

Snow White is doing dishes again ’cause,
What else could you do with seven itty-bitty men?
Sends them to bed and she calls up a friend, says,
“Would you meet me at midnight?”
The tall blond lets out a cry of despair, says,
“Would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair.
I’ll have to find another tower somewhere,
And keep away from the windows.”

’Cause I don’t care for your fairy tales.
You’re so worried ’bout the maiden though you know,
She’s only waiting on the next best thing.
Next best thing.

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom,
Man made up a story, said that I should believe him.
Go and tell your white knight that he’s handsome in hindsight,
But I don’t want the next best thing.
So I sing, I hold my head down, and I break these walls ’round me.
Can’t take no more of your fairytale love.

I don’t care for your fairy tales.
You’re so worried ’bout the maiden though you know,
She’s only waiting on the next best thing.
I don’t care.
I don’t care.
Worry ’bout the maiden though you know she’s only waiting.
Spent her whole life being graded on the,
Sanctity of patience and a dumb appreciation,
But the story needs some mending and a better happy ending.
’Cause I don’t want the next best thing.
No, no I don’t want the next best thing.

OK. Freaky title, but I don’t care. As befit any lady of 23, I shall make a list of desirable attributes that I would like in my hubby.

1. Loves me just the way I am and adores my quirks

2. Have good skin

3. Enjoys shopping with me and gives instructive feedback on the stuff I try on

4. Enjoys grocery shopping and laughing at $90 grapes

5. Can click with me on any level and can talk about all sorts of things under the stars, both silly and intelligent

6. Can switch from being boyish to mature and capable

7. Use a cologne that I like without me buying it for him

8. 100% trustworthy

9. Trusts me enough to not be overprotective and possessive

10. Likes hanging around my friends

11. Have nice friends

12. Does not quarrel on a regular, long-drawn-out basis with me but tries to address any problems we may have through open communications

13. Knows when to be decisive and when to listen to me

14. Can tell my mood from just looking at me

15. Speaks good English but without an accent

16. Is in a stable, good-paying job, knows what he wants, ambitious and have a good career plan

17. Gets me hot under the collar

Hmmm… This may call for a revision from time to time.

18. Is smarter than me

19. Loves Jap food

20. Is good in NLHE/Omaha, but not arrogant or show-offy about it

21. Have a great sense of humor without being overly crude

22. Is a gentleman

23. Not needy but not stand-offish either

24. Adventurous and spontaneous, always thinking of crazy new things to do together

25. Loves to travel anywhere, even to the oddest places

26. Believes in God, but not TOO religious (say, doesn’t mind going to church with me once a month, but wouldn’t drag me out of bed to go for 2 services a week every week)

27. Likes golf and racing; patiently teaches me instead of being condescending about it

28. Knows his way around electronic gadgets

29. Literature-savvy, can recite poems / Shakespeare by heart

30. Wakes me up and gets me to watch the morning news in his arms

31. Can walk to Macs in singlet and boxers and still looks sexy

32. Does not get irritated easily

33. Tall, I want to be able to wear heels when out and about with him

34. Is a risk-taker

35. Can do housework and cook decent food

36. Knows his financial news and can provide thoughtful opinions on international politics

37. Plays a manly sport regularly (Chinese chess not counted)

38. Reliable yet not boring

39. Gets my lame jokes on the spot

40. Is a natural cuddler

Had dinner with Zhi earlier at HV Coffee Club. It’s been ape years since I last went to Holland V, and ooh how I sorely missed the place. The last time I went was to Strip and it was a very speedy 15 minutes or so, before a lazy MTP game. Those were pre-work days. Ah, the life I led then. I really loved it. It’s really the vacuum before the storm.

In any case, dinner was quite lovely. I quite missed Yang’s presence as well, because usually he’ll give his idealistic comments and now we’re left with two chicks who’re too realistic for ideals. But it was good catching up, had a few laughs… Meh. Nothing beats girlfriends. Remember the straws, my dear.

My Wii Fit age is 32, which is probably just a typo. They probably wanted to say 23. But of course not. Sigh. I’d better train my balance because that’s where I really suck. I blame it on the almost severed ligament on my left foot. Which has probably healed by now, but maybe not right?

Work-wise, I’m screwed on tight for the rest of the month. CAs, CAs, CAs galore. I need to do this well to end the rotation with a bang. Let’s hope I end up with a good bang (don’t know why but that came out sounding rather lewd).

Zzz. Tired. Need Sleep.

Not that I have any. Balls, that is. I mean, figuratively I think I do have balls, seeing as I dare gambling on a stupid stupid idiotic currency pair without a stop loss. Or maybe it’s more like I have balls for brain. GPA 2.0. Damn stupid.

In any case, ’tis post is about gadgets, yah. iPhone and Wii stuff bought within a coupla days. And now I just got myself a Wii Fit, which hopefully I will use regularly to maximise on the price. If I use it daily from now on for 365 days straight, average cost will be about 50 cents. Yes, that sounds really cheap. I should use it like that.

Oh God. I don’t dare look at my credit card bill this month.

I’m kinda bored of blogging. I’m only blogging now because I’m bored and there’s nothing else to do (too sleepy to Wii Fit, don’t want my Wii Fit age to turn out to be 65 or something).

I don’t know why I do this to myself. Getting home at 5 am and then waking up at 830 am, and then snoozing in the afternoons. What a waste of precious weekends. ‘Xcept I’m lonely now, nobody to spend it with. Yesterday was an anomaly though, went to Attica with the 08 MA batch. Although it was really quite fun, I wouldn’t do it on a regular basis. We’re seeing each other a bit too much! Work, dinner, after-work, and weekends??? Nah… I love ’em but I’ll love ’em from afar on weekends 🙂

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