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gadgets bust my balls

Posted on: September 14, 2008

Not that I have any. Balls, that is. I mean, figuratively I think I do have balls, seeing as I dare gambling on a stupid stupid idiotic currency pair without a stop loss. Or maybe it’s more like I have balls for brain. GPA 2.0. Damn stupid.

In any case, ’tis post is about gadgets, yah. iPhone and Wii stuff bought within a coupla days. And now I just got myself a Wii Fit, which hopefully I will use regularly to maximise on the price. If I use it daily from now on for 365 days straight, average cost will be about 50 cents. Yes, that sounds really cheap. I should use it like that.

Oh God. I don’t dare look at my credit card bill this month.

I’m kinda bored of blogging. I’m only blogging now because I’m bored and there’s nothing else to do (too sleepy to Wii Fit, don’t want my Wii Fit age to turn out to be 65 or something).

I don’t know why I do this to myself. Getting home at 5 am and then waking up at 830 am, and then snoozing in the afternoons. What a waste of precious weekends. ‘Xcept I’m lonely now, nobody to spend it with. Yesterday was an anomaly though, went to Attica with the 08 MA batch. Although it was really quite fun, I wouldn’t do it on a regular basis. We’re seeing each other a bit too much! Work, dinner, after-work, and weekends??? Nah… I love ’em but I’ll love ’em from afar on weekends šŸ™‚


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