All grown up and nowhere to go

dinner with friend(s)

Posted on: September 15, 2008

Had dinner with Zhi earlier at HV Coffee Club. It’s been ape years since I last went to Holland V, and ooh how I sorely missed the place. The last time I went was to Strip and it was a very speedy 15 minutes or so, before a lazy MTP game. Those were pre-work days. Ah, the life I led then. I really loved it. It’s really the vacuum before the storm.

In any case, dinner was quite lovely. I quite missed Yang’s presence as well, because usually he’ll give his idealistic comments and now we’re left with two chicks who’re too realistic for ideals. But it was good catching up, had a few laughs… Meh. Nothing beats girlfriends. Remember the straws, my dear.

My Wii Fit age is 32, which is probably just a typo. They probably wanted to say 23. But of course not. Sigh. I’d better train my balance because that’s where I really suck. I blame it on the almost severed ligament on my left foot. Which has probably healed by now, but maybe not right?

Work-wise, I’m screwed on tight for the rest of the month. CAs, CAs, CAs galore. I need to do this well to end the rotation with a bang. Let’s hope I end up with a good bang (don’t know why but that came out sounding rather lewd).

Zzz. Tired. Need Sleep.


2 Responses to "dinner with friend(s)"

“too realistic for ideals” is quite true i guess. hahah.

those straws will nevuh look the same again….

especially after your intimate experience post-surgery… haha

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