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The Husband Checklist (revised:7Jul09)

Posted on: September 16, 2008

OK. Freaky title, but I don’t care. As befit any lady of 23, I shall make a list of desirable attributes that I would like in my hubby.

1. Loves me just the way I am and adores my quirks

2. Have good skin

3. Enjoys shopping with me and gives instructive feedback on the stuff I try on

4. Enjoys grocery shopping and laughing at $90 grapes

5. Can click with me on any level and can talk about all sorts of things under the stars, both silly and intelligent

6. Can switch from being boyish to mature and capable

7. Use a cologne that I like without me buying it for him

8. 100% trustworthy

9. Trusts me enough to not be overprotective and possessive

10. Likes hanging around my friends

11. Have nice friends

12. Does not quarrel on a regular, long-drawn-out basis with me but tries to address any problems we may have through open communications

13. Knows when to be decisive and when to listen to me

14. Can tell my mood from just looking at me

15. Speaks good English but without an accent

16. Is in a stable, good-paying job, knows what he wants, ambitious and have a good career plan

17. Gets me hot under the collar

Hmmm… This may call for a revision from time to time.

18. Is smarter than me

19. Loves Jap food

20. Is good in NLHE/Omaha, but not arrogant or show-offy about it

21. Have a great sense of humor without being overly crude

22. Is a gentleman

23. Not needy but not stand-offish either

24. Adventurous and spontaneous, always thinking of crazy new things to do together

25. Loves to travel anywhere, even to the oddest places

26. Believes in God, but not TOO religious (say, doesn’t mind going to church with me once a month, but wouldn’t drag me out of bed to go for 2 services a week every week)

27. Likes golf and racing; patiently teaches me instead of being condescending about it

28. Knows his way around electronic gadgets

29. Literature-savvy, can recite poems / Shakespeare by heart

30. Wakes me up and gets me to watch the morning news in his arms

31. Can walk to Macs in singlet and boxers and still looks sexy

32. Does not get irritated easily

33. Tall, I want to be able to wear heels when out and about with him

34. Is a risk-taker

35. Can do housework and cook decent food

36. Knows his financial news and can provide thoughtful opinions on international politics

37. Plays a manly sport regularly (Chinese chess not counted)

38. Reliable yet not boring

39. Gets my lame jokes on the spot

40. Is a natural cuddler


6 Responses to "The Husband Checklist (revised:7Jul09)"

tts all like me!

*muffles laughter* that’s a long list dearie. but i bet mine is even longer than yours… haha. gosh i’m picky.

cbkia – my IQ 148!

zee – just added on some more 😛

haha..don’t care abt ur IQ
in real life situations your IQ doesn’t seem to function all the time:P

it so does!!! what u talking man. I just nd to conserve brain power sometimes… thinking is v taxing mah

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