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So in about 6 hours time I will be flying off to SHA. Almost done with packing (piled everything on top of the luggage, will sort them out later). I’m pretty sure I’m overpacking, but then I can’t be sure what I’ll need over there. I’m looking forward to:

1) Sheraton breakfast
2) Sheraton bed
3) Sheraton car

Before the madness starts.

My dad wants to add me as his friend on Facebook. Dilemma dilemma dilemma. If I don’t add him, he’ll ask me why I haven’t added him. If I do, he’ll see all the havoc pictures (albeit all from the past, I’m a mature adult now dahling). I mean, how do you react to your daddy adding you on fb? Sigh. I should never have started an account.

But then again, that’s how me and the cbkia started off – fb flirting. And look at us now, a loving couple with a 1-year strong relationship, fighting against tide and time to be together. An impossible 3 years apart await us, and it’s going to be harder without fb ascertaining our relationship status. Mon is In a Relationship with cbkia.

Fb is for luvin’.

Maybe my mum needs an fb account too, then she can be friends with my dad on fb, then they can fb-flirt too when my dad is at work in Jakarta. I mean, he can’t be that busy when he’s just bossing people around, right? And then they can put their status as In a Relationship. With 3 Children, of Which the Eldest is a Shoe Maniac.

‘Cos, ya know, I just bought another pair from Aldo. This time it’s for work purposes. Dark purple glittery closed-toe pumps. And I also bought Incanto Heaven because I don’t want to waste my only remaining bottle of Island Kiss if I can help it. (I should have bought Incanto Shine! Grrrr. So much sexier.)

Well, I’ll get Incanto Shine come Christmas or something. Surely you get bored with just one scent. (Note: this reasoning results in throwing away unopened bottles of Elizabeth Arden, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burberry after 3 years of forgotten existence).

Will buy loads of goodies for everyone back home 🙂 Hulloooooo Shanghai!


I’m flying off to Shanghai tomorrow. So many things left unsettled. Have yet to pack, 4 modules left to clear, have not met friends for farewell dinner/lunch/tea, have not done claims and admin stuff, have not bought necessities for travel…

So what have I been doing? Thoust may wonder.

I term it fool-trading. Was monitoring the dollar yen again today, and what with the hoo-ha about the Japs cutting rates to 0%, you’d expect the yen to weaken. I wanted to go in at 98.200, but in between monitoring I was doing other stuff and before I knew it, the rate’s gone up to 98.644. So, what’s a girl to do but to buy high in the hopes of selling higher, assuming there’ll be greater fools out there who’ll push the price up?

I set my sell price and went off to find some snacks. Because, ya know, gambling makes one hungry. Lo and behold, the market touched 99 before drooping all the way back to near 98.200! I missed a near-butchering. Or, to put it in a nicer way, I ‘skillfully played the market momentum’.

Now I’m thinking of going in the market again, since dollar yen has been so good to me. But I think I’ve used up my share of balls for the day, and I guess I should just shamefully nurse the lucker profit.


On a completely different note, my last day was this past Tuesday. I was supposed to get appraised by my boss, but she was occupied the whole day and I just couldn’t catch her! Even when I did, some calls would come in, or something else more important would get in the way. I’m the one responsible to get that appraisal done, so I’ll have to chase her for it no matter what.

The department treated me to lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen. Trips to Crystal Jade are always lovely and filled with good food! We had a nice time joking and even talking about NLHE. I’ve really grown to love the team, and am terribly sad to be gone. I bought them doughnuts and brownies and at the end of the day, when everything’s been eaten, stared at the empty boxes forlornly. I realised I didn’t want it to end.

We look out for each other, frequently have lunches together, no politicking involved. I must buy them something nice from Shanghai and pay them a visit next year.


This is why I’m in two minds about the trip. On one hand I’m excited to join the other MAs, to meet new people and see new places. But on the other, I’m also leaving behind so many routines that I’ve grown accustomed to. Ah well, slap me and move on.

I do have something that’s making me look forward to SHA though. Something dear to my heart that I can’t wait to embrace. I ache just thinking about it…

My future tailored cheongsams.

Hur hur.

I will so miss everyone when I’m away. You better facebook me or else!!! No xlb for you!!!

I just placed a huge bet on the dollar yen. If this works, then I will be > 50% up. If it doesn’t, then… I suppose I’ll get a call from my broker tomorrow.

Ahh… I can’t imagine ever being away from this adrenaline. No wonder I’ve been feeling so powerless the past few weeks! I have stopped controlling my fate, letting “passive income”, as Lim WW puts it, control me instead. Not that I have a choice – work has been crazy and I’ve hardly had time to monitor the volatility (of which there had been plenty) in the currency markets.

I really think I know what I want to do in my life. I’m greatly looking forward to my stint at the FX dealing desk, even if it’s just to buy everyone else coffee.

Anyhoo, the spread is mad but it’ll be peanuts if I pull this through. C’mon. Down boy. I’m halfway there.

Speaking of gambling, the MTP gang had its own Sports Day yesterday. We played all sorts of Sports. From Holdem to dealer’s choice to pool to tennis/rayman/softball/boxing on Wii. It was all rather enjoyable (until I got home and realized I hadn’t done a single one of the bloody e-learning modules I was supposed to complete, so today I’ll have to do about 25 of them. GAH!). I hope we could do a repeat performance when I get back from SHA in 8 weeks’ time. I trashed the Blur Sheep in boxing. KA-POWWW!

Marc & Tim John cheated in tennis. Poo poo.

OK OK they didn’t, I’m just lousy 😦

I won a bit in Holdem, which made me happy. Even after my dealer’s choice losses, I can still afford to buy a nice pair of shoes 🙂 which I won’t. I’m saving up for the crinkled Prada wallet I’ve been eyeing for a while…

I have adjusted my limit, the price has gone past it so I’m gearing up for additional profits. I suddenly can afford my wallet!

Am rather nervous about SHA, but then again it’s going to be quite exciting meeting new people and learning new cultures (especially from the Jap, hur hur). And the Sheraton apartment!!! I can’t wait to bounce on that big yummy bed… Ahhhhh honeymoon-period life as a trainee!

Squared. 92% profit/margin utilized! 🙂 Don’t you just love volatility.

I have to admit, I lucked out. But then again, when luck is with you, you are free to brag and call it skill. So yeah, skill it is. KA-POWWW!

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was NUS High.

On one particular day, NUS High was filled with a bunch of bankers running around in Nike Dri-Fit jerseys and shorts.

A group in particular was wearing baby blue tennis jerseys and throwing frisbee discs around.

A brave, princely-looking boy shot a pass. A girl caught it with her left hand. And suddenly, her ring finger turned purple, as if by magic.

“Marry me,” said the prince.

“First aid please,” said the girl with the mysterious purple finger.

OK, so the above is clearly fiction, but my finger is really so awfully bruised from catching the disc that the nerve actually swelled up and I couldn’t straighten it. Burr burr.

But actually, frisbee was quite fun! I want to do it again next year 🙂

Lately, I’ve been feeling rather bored and… itchy-fingered. I wanted to climb more mountains than I could. I wanted to conquer all. And I can feel it. It’s within my grasp, I just have to close my hands around it… but then I can’t really do that, on account of the mysterious purple finger.

I need a new hobby.

The cbkia is in Sweden.

Swedish girls are apparently hot.

Despite him potentially philandering with Swedes, I still…


Yang and Zhi got me shoeboots! Well they’re kinda pricey so they pooled up + I paid the rest. They’re lovely! I can’t wait to wear them to work… La la la.

Dim sum was lovely too although I didn’t pay much attention to the food. More to the gossip! And then shopping around Goochee, Pradah, Mew Mew… I love Paragon 🙂

And then coffee-time at Starbucks (although we got the green tea frapp instead). This is the life, to chillax on a weekend and just while away the time (although the visit to Zara afterwards was quite damaging in the sense that I bought a coat for Shanghai).

Later, will hang with the work bunch for some vodka + havoc. Yay yay.

The best bit? I get to go back to work tomorrow on a Sunday! Yay yay.

Yea, that part is shit. Plus my mum insists I go to church beforehand. Like whutttt… Can you give me a break. I’m sure God wouldn’t mind if I pray on my own for one week. He’s been letting me do that for the past 5 weeks.

Random #1: Jason Mraz, Make It Mine is so catchy. Taste past the tip of your tongue. Leap and a net will appear! Dum dee dum…

I think I’m hyper from the artificial green tea powder.

Random #2: It freaks me out not knowing when I’ll get married and even whether I want to bear a child. Brrrr.

Random #3: I love my shorts with the bow at the back 🙂

.y.z says:

wad time are u goin to ur frens house 


.y.z says:

where is it

mon says:


mon says:
faber ave

mon says:


mon says:

im blogging now

mon says:

but its nonsense one

mon says:

how ah

mon says:

say sth philosophical baby

.y.z says:

wad do u mean how

.y.z says:


mon says:

so i can add it on to the entry

.y.z says:


Need. Shop. Can’t. Take it.

I’m drowning in my own PMS. Feeling irritated that the regular period I’m used to has not yet come. It’ll be 7 days late tomorrow and I’m really worried that it’ll hit me at a bad time. Like when I’m wearing white shorts while throwing frisbees around.

Today it magnified the Sunday blues. I experienced bouts where I wanted to cry because
a) I missed the cbkia so much and he isn’t here
b) I’m afraid I can’t finish my work
c) I wanted to eat snacks but I can’t because I still felt full from lunch

All the burden of the world upon my shoulders. Oh, woe is me. And me is woe.

I’m talking to the cbkia on MSN now and he said he just farted. Sometimes I really adore the idiot.

In any case, let’s speak of non-moody stuff yeah?

Let’s do S&P or Fitch.

Hur hur. Finance joke. Off-topic.

So we had poker on Friday and I was spectacularly idiotic as usual, pushing a station-caller. Of course he’d call with AK unsuited and no pair / straight / flush possibility on the flop. Of course I’d lose my K high flush draw against an Ace high in the end.

Of course. Such is life – full of unfulfilled flush draws.

But Saturday night was better. While daytime was groggy, Zee and Marc paid me a visit in the evening and terrorized me on Wii. All the tennis confidence built over whacking computer AI’s was cracked down by Marc’s relentless whacking. Et tu, Marcus?

After that I had the itchy fingers for pool against Zee, since I used to play loads of it in JC but stopped after I took up activities which required less balls. (Mainly dance, what were you thinking?)

So we headed to the Zee & Marc loveshack to pool, and XT and Andri got jio-ed along.

We ended up playing cards until 3 am.

Dealer’s choice! In-Between, Chinese blackjack, Indian poker galore. Andri’s particularly good in Indian poker. I need to get tips from him. It takes a lot of guts to fold an Ace of spades in Indian poker. Many a men have tried and failed.

Switching from Texas Hold’em the one hand to Blackjack the next screwed me up. I thought my suited connectors were good but it was the wrong game.

I quite like Hold’em Low, actually (crappiest cards win). I hope we have another Dealer’s Choice night some time, it’s fun and you get to laugh at friends doing stupid stuff!

PS. Zee owned all of us and has thus been declared The Donkey Hunter. (Haha… babe I know you’re all whuttt but it’s an honorable title ya know.)