All grown up and nowhere to go

In order to die, you had to live life first

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Despite the fact that I had quite a bit of homework to complete during the past weekend, I managed to steal a bit of time to read Liar’s Poker. My dad borrowed it from the NLB and took it with him back to Jakarta, so I only managed to read the first one-fifth. Baaaaa.

As consolation prize, my dad passed me Nick Leeson’s Rogue Trader. Not as funny, but intreee-guing still.

And then, compared to these exciting cum scandalous lives of Leeson and Meriwether, I get to steek my butt to the back of the Bloomberg chair, compile news, and then proceed to nitpick random companies’ financials.

At 9 pm, I’d still be in office finishing up an online module for my impending Shanghai training. The topic du jour was Trade Finance. I have since declared Trade Finance as my personal Mephistopheles.

Don’t get me wrong, letters of credit are pretty interesting stuff. Yeah. They are. Like, really interesting.

I’m just sleepy because I did so much work.

And because I’m so sleepy, I started to dream of an epiphany, which is reflected in the subject title above. All of us are on this earth for a short 80 – 90 years or so. And then we’ll end up below it. So before we proceed to do that, why live a safe, boring life? I’m pretty sure we will be boring, safe and sedate when we are underground. So we will definitely have a fair share of that. To balance that out, shouldn’t we be taking risks right now?

I’ve made a resolution. Coincidentally tomorrow is my birthday, so I’ve made a resolution as I embark on this journey of becoming a 23-years-old. My resolution is to:

1. Find a high-excitement job where I can scream at people and throw erasers around

2. Never touch or handle a single letter of credit in my life

3. Eat cake.


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