All grown up and nowhere to go

my very own Ernest Hemingway

Posted on: October 8, 2008

I had an absolutely lovely birthday 🙂

At work, my fellow MAs bought me a tiramisu cake, sang me a song, and celebrated with me.

And then, my department gathered round, revealed a tiramisu cake (coincidentally identical but bigger size), sang me a song, and celebrated with me.

And then, after work, a spontaneous gathering with the MTP gang turned into a racuous one filled with shabu shabu and assorted sushi, and then a delicious chocolate cake, a song, and celebration.

Thanks Royal Chloe, Yang the Sheep, Butterfly Zee, Jellyfish, Stuntman and X-Tilt for coming to dinner!

And then, birthday wishes from the family and relatives and presents.

And then there were the white roses from Pumpkin, the latest secret code referring to the cbkia. (My mum actually sent me a dry SMS saying ‘Pumpkin sent you white roses.’) The card read –

This poem is lousy
Unlike you, it’s not classy
But these sentences do rhyme
like how I like my salmon with thyme
So happy happy 23rd birthday baby!
Don’t you ever find yourself a sugar daddy

Everything was very sweet today 🙂 And I dare say the poem was the best I’ve read so far.

Reply to cbkia:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I lie in bed
and dream of you

And my friend Yang heard from a pumpkin
that doctor’s pay in London is ownin’
So happy happy happy me,
I HAVE found my sugar daddy 😉


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