All grown up and nowhere to go

drugged in PMS

Posted on: October 12, 2008

I’m drowning in my own PMS. Feeling irritated that the regular period I’m used to has not yet come. It’ll be 7 days late tomorrow and I’m really worried that it’ll hit me at a bad time. Like when I’m wearing white shorts while throwing frisbees around.

Today it magnified the Sunday blues. I experienced bouts where I wanted to cry because
a) I missed the cbkia so much and he isn’t here
b) I’m afraid I can’t finish my work
c) I wanted to eat snacks but I can’t because I still felt full from lunch

All the burden of the world upon my shoulders. Oh, woe is me. And me is woe.

I’m talking to the cbkia on MSN now and he said he just farted. Sometimes I really adore the idiot.

In any case, let’s speak of non-moody stuff yeah?

Let’s do S&P or Fitch.

Hur hur. Finance joke. Off-topic.

So we had poker on Friday and I was spectacularly idiotic as usual, pushing a station-caller. Of course he’d call with AK unsuited and no pair / straight / flush possibility on the flop. Of course I’d lose my K high flush draw against an Ace high in the end.

Of course. Such is life – full of unfulfilled flush draws.

But Saturday night was better. While daytime was groggy, Zee and Marc paid me a visit in the evening and terrorized me on Wii. All the tennis confidence built over whacking computer AI’s was cracked down by Marc’s relentless whacking. Et tu, Marcus?

After that I had the itchy fingers for pool against Zee, since I used to play loads of it in JC but stopped after I took up activities which required less balls. (Mainly dance, what were you thinking?)

So we headed to the Zee & Marc loveshack to pool, and XT and Andri got jio-ed along.

We ended up playing cards until 3 am.

Dealer’s choice! In-Between, Chinese blackjack, Indian poker galore. Andri’s particularly good in Indian poker. I need to get tips from him. It takes a lot of guts to fold an Ace of spades in Indian poker. Many a men have tried and failed.

Switching from Texas Hold’em the one hand to Blackjack the next screwed me up. I thought my suited connectors were good but it was the wrong game.

I quite like Hold’em Low, actually (crappiest cards win). I hope we have another Dealer’s Choice night some time, it’s fun and you get to laugh at friends doing stupid stuff!

PS. Zee owned all of us and has thus been declared The Donkey Hunter. (Haha… babe I know you’re all whuttt but it’s an honorable title ya know.)


2 Responses to "drugged in PMS"

i actually got your finance joke! ha ha! 🙂

as for being the donkey hunter,think many a time i’m the donkey myself la… hahah

p/s no wonder u sounded so sian when i called u about wii earlier in the evening… PMS sucks!

erm I sounded sian because I was lazing around and slacking. Haha. Boo why your biz trip must last so long that we cant do Fri! bzz bzz.

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