All grown up and nowhere to go

show me da booteeeeeee

Posted on: October 18, 2008

Yang and Zhi got me shoeboots! Well they’re kinda pricey so they pooled up + I paid the rest. They’re lovely! I can’t wait to wear them to work… La la la.

Dim sum was lovely too although I didn’t pay much attention to the food. More to the gossip! And then shopping around Goochee, Pradah, Mew Mew… I love Paragon 🙂

And then coffee-time at Starbucks (although we got the green tea frapp instead). This is the life, to chillax on a weekend and just while away the time (although the visit to Zara afterwards was quite damaging in the sense that I bought a coat for Shanghai).

Later, will hang with the work bunch for some vodka + havoc. Yay yay.

The best bit? I get to go back to work tomorrow on a Sunday! Yay yay.

Yea, that part is shit. Plus my mum insists I go to church beforehand. Like whutttt… Can you give me a break. I’m sure God wouldn’t mind if I pray on my own for one week. He’s been letting me do that for the past 5 weeks.

Random #1: Jason Mraz, Make It Mine is so catchy. Taste past the tip of your tongue. Leap and a net will appear! Dum dee dum…

I think I’m hyper from the artificial green tea powder.

Random #2: It freaks me out not knowing when I’ll get married and even whether I want to bear a child. Brrrr.

Random #3: I love my shorts with the bow at the back 🙂

.y.z says:

wad time are u goin to ur frens house 


.y.z says:

where is it

mon says:


mon says:
faber ave

mon says:


mon says:

im blogging now

mon says:

but its nonsense one

mon says:

how ah

mon says:

say sth philosophical baby

.y.z says:

wad do u mean how

.y.z says:


mon says:

so i can add it on to the entry

.y.z says:



2 Responses to "show me da booteeeeeee"

bwahahaha. very philosophical indeed 😀 😀

that saturday was pretty great, wasn’t it? even the memory of it makes me feel instantly better. 🙂

will miss your tush when you are in SHA!

i will miss YOUR tush when i’m in Shanghai! sighhhhh i wanted to play pool with you that deepavali night, but u were busy wii-ing 😦

i wanna chillax again! let’s chillax on fri before my flight or sth. heh heh.

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