All grown up and nowhere to go

Lucky no. 2

Posted on: October 30, 2008

I’m flying off to Shanghai tomorrow. So many things left unsettled. Have yet to pack, 4 modules left to clear, have not met friends for farewell dinner/lunch/tea, have not done claims and admin stuff, have not bought necessities for travel…

So what have I been doing? Thoust may wonder.

I term it fool-trading. Was monitoring the dollar yen again today, and what with the hoo-ha about the Japs cutting rates to 0%, you’d expect the yen to weaken. I wanted to go in at 98.200, but in between monitoring I was doing other stuff and before I knew it, the rate’s gone up to 98.644. So, what’s a girl to do but to buy high in the hopes of selling higher, assuming there’ll be greater fools out there who’ll push the price up?

I set my sell price and went off to find some snacks. Because, ya know, gambling makes one hungry. Lo and behold, the market touched 99 before drooping all the way back to near 98.200! I missed a near-butchering. Or, to put it in a nicer way, I ‘skillfully played the market momentum’.

Now I’m thinking of going in the market again, since dollar yen has been so good to me. But I think I’ve used up my share of balls for the day, and I guess I should just shamefully nurse the lucker profit.


On a completely different note, my last day was this past Tuesday. I was supposed to get appraised by my boss, but she was occupied the whole day and I just couldn’t catch her! Even when I did, some calls would come in, or something else more important would get in the way. I’m the one responsible to get that appraisal done, so I’ll have to chase her for it no matter what.

The department treated me to lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen. Trips to Crystal Jade are always lovely and filled with good food! We had a nice time joking and even talking about NLHE. I’ve really grown to love the team, and am terribly sad to be gone. I bought them doughnuts and brownies and at the end of the day, when everything’s been eaten, stared at the empty boxes forlornly. I realised I didn’t want it to end.

We look out for each other, frequently have lunches together, no politicking involved. I must buy them something nice from Shanghai and pay them a visit next year.


This is why I’m in two minds about the trip. On one hand I’m excited to join the other MAs, to meet new people and see new places. But on the other, I’m also leaving behind so many routines that I’ve grown accustomed to. Ah well, slap me and move on.

I do have something that’s making me look forward to SHA though. Something dear to my heart that I can’t wait to embrace. I ache just thinking about it…

My future tailored cheongsams.

Hur hur.

I will so miss everyone when I’m away. You better facebook me or else!!! No xlb for you!!!


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