All grown up and nowhere to go

Shanghai Baby

Posted on: October 31, 2008

So in about 6 hours time I will be flying off to SHA. Almost done with packing (piled everything on top of the luggage, will sort them out later). I’m pretty sure I’m overpacking, but then I can’t be sure what I’ll need over there. I’m looking forward to:

1) Sheraton breakfast
2) Sheraton bed
3) Sheraton car

Before the madness starts.

My dad wants to add me as his friend on Facebook. Dilemma dilemma dilemma. If I don’t add him, he’ll ask me why I haven’t added him. If I do, he’ll see all the havoc pictures (albeit all from the past, I’m a mature adult now dahling). I mean, how do you react to your daddy adding you on fb? Sigh. I should never have started an account.

But then again, that’s how me and the cbkia started off – fb flirting. And look at us now, a loving couple with a 1-year strong relationship, fighting against tide and time to be together. An impossible 3 years apart await us, and it’s going to be harder without fb ascertaining our relationship status. Mon is In a Relationship with cbkia.

Fb is for luvin’.

Maybe my mum needs an fb account too, then she can be friends with my dad on fb, then they can fb-flirt too when my dad is at work in Jakarta. I mean, he can’t be that busy when he’s just bossing people around, right? And then they can put their status as In a Relationship. With 3 Children, of Which the Eldest is a Shoe Maniac.

‘Cos, ya know, I just bought another pair from Aldo. This time it’s for work purposes. Dark purple glittery closed-toe pumps. And I also bought Incanto Heaven because I don’t want to waste my only remaining bottle of Island Kiss if I can help it. (I should have bought Incanto Shine! Grrrr. So much sexier.)

Well, I’ll get Incanto Shine come Christmas or something. Surely you get bored with just one scent. (Note: this reasoning results in throwing away unopened bottles of Elizabeth Arden, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burberry after 3 years of forgotten existence).

Will buy loads of goodies for everyone back home 🙂 Hulloooooo Shanghai!


2 Responses to "Shanghai Baby"

babe, you sound like you’re having a great time in SHA! i love that place. :)))

hows life?

did my comment get eaten up?!

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