All grown up and nowhere to go

back, but better

Posted on: December 27, 2008


It’s been a while. 7 weeks in Shanghai felt so surreal. After just a few days of being back in Singapore, I can feel myself being sapped back to The Way Things Used To Be.

Did I really stay in Sheraton for 7 weeks?

Did I really eat lunch at the yummy Shangrila buffet filled with free-flowing seared sashimis?

Did I really vacation in Hong Kong after that, a whirlwind of meetups with friends old and new?

Oh well oh well oh well. Will leave the philosophizing ’til later. My old trusted laptop finally died on me and I had to purchase a new one. Vaio. This translates to credit card bills even more mountainous than before (HK did the most damage with the 4-star hotel, the Prada wallet, the On Pedder shoes…). I am refusing to check my bank balance until payday.

And now, I shall proceed to study for the one CMFAS module Compliance asked me to take.



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