All grown up and nowhere to go

red packet time!

Posted on: January 29, 2009

I collected a lot more ang bao’s this year owing to the fact that I went back to meet my big big extended family in Jakarta. Although not all of them are well-off, they gave generously. I also gave some of my salary to my grandparents, but I’m ashamed of its puny amount. If I were raking a higher salary / bonus, I’d have been able to support my grandparents more, plus all my relatives which aren’t doing very well 😦

Although I ceased to feel as charitable the moment my uncle asked me why I wasn’t in investment banking. When I explained that there are different jobs in investment banking, and not just in the corp fin sense, I can see his eyes glaze over, so I knew I had a lost cause. And then another one of my uncles asked where I worked. I said my bank’s name, and he asked which branch I’m at, and then I tried to explain to him that I’m in banking not as a teller per se, then his eyes glazed over, so that’s another lost cause.


Anyways, came back to work and more red packets from the bosses! They is generous, yes yes. Somehow I feel really rich with my array of red packets, despite the fact that I’ve lost a pretty amount on my FX trades. I always believe in balance, so I’m hoping my bad luck in FX will translate to something else in my life going well. Say, my career 😀

Speaking of my bosses, they seem to have an invisible homing beacon alerting them to failed trades, errors, and other problems. Preeeetty scary. It’s cool though that despite having their own management things to do, they can float right behind you and check up on what you’re doing and in seconds, they understood what to do to solve the problem.

I really love it here. I wish I can stay.


*Pic of random dealing room, Googled. Uncannily identical!


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