All grown up and nowhere to go

dance revisited, and miscellaneous blogpost follow-ups

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Okies, I have officially started dancing again. I did this just so the poker gang can legitimately use my old nickname again – the Dancing Brain.

Nah. You kidding?

Went to O School, and dragged Syd along to the intermediate class. I was really apprehensive about the word ‘intermediate’ seeing as I haven’t danced since I injured my foot back in… well, Jan last year. But I suppose it’s kinda like cycling, your muscles remember what to do. Except that I haven’t got many muscles left. No stamina. How sad! But I should pick it up in no time again. Syd loathed it and didn’t want to go back, but let’s see what I can extort her with.

On to other news, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but I managed to extend my stint with the team.


Lastly, Fatfat* news. Daddy Fatfat has just informed me over the phone that Fatfat is eating and doing fine. Daddy Fatfat hisself is procrastinating. Makes me wonder if he’ll procrastinate during a surgery next time, or dig his nose while a line of patients wait outside his consulting room.

*For a $2 goldfish, it’s bringing us loads of entertainment.


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