All grown up and nowhere to go

night magic

Posted on: March 29, 2009

There is something truly magical about night time. In the darkness, everything transforms. Street lamps glow that more mysterious, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, and the devils awake in our hearts to play with sins.

We undulate like dancers in the night, covered with sexy slinky slithery darkness, we become invincible. Alcohol downed imbues strength, vices prevail and money pays for pleasure with the shuffling of cards, a deft twist of roulette fate, the glowing window display of prostitutes.

Forests hold fort to ghosts, our shadows in the street wave hello. Only the sliver of moon above bears witness to frisky couples in parks, uncoupled from their righteous partners. A few more suicidal thoughts sneak into someone’s head – a calling, a longing.

Magic, so dangerous, yet it stirs a warmth in our bellies… The hunger of something to die for.



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