All grown up and nowhere to go

about a man

Posted on: April 27, 2009

There was once a man named Bill.
Short for William, Bill.
He was born a big, big man.
And remained so throughout his life.

Bill was feared and respected.
He worked as a bouncer at a club called Cats.
Because Bill was a big, big man,
Bill can do anything, almost.

There was one thing Bill can’t do.
Bill can’t think straight, talk straight
when a lady called Stella walked through
the club that Bill was a bouncer at.

Bill was a big, big man.
To see him stutter his hellos, goodbyes,
whenever Stella came
Bill became a big, bumbling giant.

Stella, she didn’t notice at first.
She was there just to have fun.
Fun with friends old and new,
Boys and girls she kissed.

But Bill, as I said, was a big, big man.
You can not not notice Bill, so Stella did.
She was flattered, that Bill
thought she mattered more than anything.

(He practiced in front of a mirror, first.)

Stella liked that Bill was a big, big man.
He was shy and gentle with her,
she thought that amusing.
She found him a juxtaposition.

They fell in love – Bill first, Stella after
she had kissed too many boys (or was it girls?)
Bill proposed.
He tripped twice while trying to kneel.

I wish I could say that they lived happily ever after.
They lived happily for a while,
until Stella brought her cousin home.
Her cousin from Brazil.
And she made him so comfortable that
Bill realized
He was not her cousin at all.
And then what happened was that
Bill grew very big.
And he was already a big, big man.
He pummeled the cousin and twisted his neck.
Then Bill decided he liked Stella better
when she ignored him.
So he made her ignore him
from inside the freezer.

But let’s not get into that story,
That story came later.
Let’s just say that Stella made Bill very happy
when she said ‘yes’ to his proposal.


2 Responses to "about a man"

This poem is so sick!

I likeeee……….

Not your typical fairy tale. You wrote it Mon?

of course la haha i wrote all the stuff included in the blog
heard u mugging at kap… all the best jia you!

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