All grown up and nowhere to go

pwned by chris zhuo

Posted on: May 15, 2009

Not really much planned for the weekend. Nearly fell asleep in the cab on my way back home from work. And I left my Advanced Options training modules at work when I was supposed to go over them this weekend. Zzz. Well at least I passed the intermediate mods already, which means I’m not as much of a dodo as when I first started.

Should be dancing and eating dessert tomorrow, plus my sister’s birthday celebration. Mellow weekend all in all, and as I made my way to the Marina Square taxi stand earlier, I do wish I have someone to share the Friday evenings with, to do things not related to poker.

Speaking of which, yesterday we had a dinner in honour of Chris Zhuo’s birthday and he obliged me to a NLHE Heads Up. I hope he isn’t too pissed that I kept going all-in, but when a gal wants some sleep she would risk her buy-in… And anyway he folded all the time, so doesn’t matter. And he still won in the end by $4.50.

I’m super broke this month. I think I bought a total of 8 books, 2 f*** expensive shoes and 2 skirts. Going to be a man and face up to my credit card bills now. Here goes… Deep breath.

This post so meaningless. Zzz.


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