All grown up and nowhere to go

a hundred-year long

Posted on: June 5, 2009

Ah! ’tis a new dawn
How fresh it feels as I stretch and yawn
I can feel the sun, the breeze on my skin
I feel awake after my hundred-year long.

And who’s that I spy from behind my lids
(Oh, how great it feels to blink and flutter)
A blurry vision, my Prince Charming
Who left a kiss after my hundred-year long.

I touch his face, like porcelain
His thick dark hair like luxurious fur
His piercing eyes, though his nose is crooked
He’s the one I wait for, these hundred years.

Soon he pulls me up,
He flies me away to his castle in the air
We’ll be lovers, we’ll bear children
We’ll live happily everafter, less a hundred-year long.

But stop, wait, I get carried away
All these must happen, and yet in future
I’ve yet to wake, this must all be a dream
For I’m still within
My hundred-years slumber.

I sleep, I worry, my heart beats still
Would he make me wait down here too long
A hundred years, and my time is up
I hear the maggots eating into the casket

I fear my skin falls away to dust
Would he be fine with my hair falling out
Or would he not come, even after these hundred years
And my one kiss would be the kiss of death.

Oh come, Prince Charming,
Don’t lose your way anymore,
Don’t be distracted again by the
Mermaids down the road.
Their bodies may be yours, but their hearts
Like their voices, have been broken
A hundred years ago.



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