All grown up and nowhere to go

10.14 AM und alone

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Huzzaaaah! Have landed safely without luggage misplacement @ Heathrow. It’s amazing. And the immigration bit, though there was a long queue, was surprisingly painless. The officer only asked the standard questions. Guess having a job helps. As a student I was grilled to the bone!

Plane ride was OK too, as I requested for an aisle seat and specifically told the counter girl that I would like easy access to peeing. Was seated to two Eastern-European gentlemen who seemed to not be accustomed to flying. They only went to the loo once in 12.5 hrs, no doubt holding their number 1 and 2 in out of politeness / embarrassment / something else. Well, all the better for me to watch the in-flight entertainment with. (Though I’ve watched most of the shows worth watching so I ended up snoozing most of the time… I did watch He’s Not That Into You again. Scarlett Johannson still comes across as bitchy, and Ben Affleck as The One You Should Aim For, Ladies.)

Can’t wait to have a girlie movie night out with Syd & Jess… We haven’t done that for ages. I remembered there was once all three of us drove and we headed for supps afterwards… Shiokness 🙂 Let’s do it again! I miss random girl talk @ HK cafes.

Nobu tomorrow if there are seats.


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