All grown up and nowhere to go


Posted on: June 19, 2009

Blogging from Ray’s comp now, who is Mike’s good friend, and Mike is Jing’s boyfriend, and Jing is my bff.

Milan is just as hot as Greece, and even hotter at times as there’s no sea breeze to cool your senses. Speaking of Greece, thanks to Neutrogena sunblock SPF70, the only parts of my skin burnt are: 1) my scalp, 2) a triangular cleavage area on which I forgot to put on the sunblock. Because, ya know, it’s easy to forget that I have a cleavage.

Greece was all about suntanning, travelling by ferries to and fro, eating a slow dinner of grilled octopus*. Milan is all about chillaxing at Mike’s place at night and shopping up a storm during the day. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 1.5 days. Supposed to go up to Como with Jing tomorrow, aimed with the baby SLR my colleague lent me all ready to take good shots. But seriously I feel so nua. Maybe all the gelato’s gone up my brain and turned it into slush.

I’ve been feeling so bored with life lately and this ennui has accompanied me to Europe. Sad truth. And ennui translated itself to bo-chup-ness which is bad, badbadbad. I don’t know what to do anymore. There’s a sense of restlessness around me like a tiger readying itself for prey. Although I wouldn’t know for sure as I’ve never been a tiger.

Hey Life, throw me something good will ya? Give me that awesometastic placement I’ve been waiting for. Give me a sign, in a dream, that I’ll suddenly win Euro millions tomorrow even though I don’t even know how it works. Get me a call from Citi which says I’ve been a loyal credit card user of theirs and they’ll give me free SQ flights to anywhere in the world plus accom. Blow me away with a sudden stock windfall. Give me free clothes for life so I can sell some of them off and make money.

As Mike would say it in all his vulgar glory, give me a damn fucking miracle.

*Awesomeness personified. Or should I say octopusenified.


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