All grown up and nowhere to go

checking in again

Posted on: June 21, 2009

Yet another blogging pit stop during this rather eventful Euro trip. Mike got a cut in his chin from being drunk and slipping on his own puke (elegance does not describe it) and there was a moment or two or a thousand when havoc prevailed in his residence, which usually is the epitome of a peaceful idyllic household. Sorta.

I’m really grateful he & his ‘bro’ (seems Milan has become the city of bromance) let me squat here for free + steal his time away with Jing. It’s been awesome hanging with my bff again although I hate her non-existent tummy. And I’m really happy I get to see them together like this. If nothing else their relationship is something to hang on to to prove that love may still be in the air somewhere all mixed up with dust, and being mushy in public, albeit gross, is okay.

Sad that this trip is going to end in a few days and I have to go back to dull old work life. But I’m looking forward to seeing my old colleagues again, and I hope they won’t have forgotten me already…

Not sure of what else to write. So many things on my mind but they fleet away like feathers in a sandstorm (or sommit like that). I think my brain is degenerating at a faster pace than normal human beings. One morning I was trying to enunciate that I felt bad for sleeping so soundly whilst Mike & Jing slept in a puke-infested environment and I came out with ‘sleeping like a… tortoise’. Somehow the word ‘babe’ escaped me even after thinking for what seemed like forever. Zzz. I need to read more books and watch less ANTM.

Katy Perry’s ‘Thinking of You’ is playing non-stop inside my head. Addictive song! Cheery-bye!


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