All grown up and nowhere to go

Nice bags and rain don’t go together

Posted on: July 5, 2009

Ironically, every time I bring out my small Prada bag it always ends up raining. Not just drizzling but raining cats and dogs. And I’d just happen to be having tea in an al fresco setting with Syd.


Anyway, I’m so damn irritated with myself. As I wrote in my previous post my life in general sucks. Work sucks and I’ve just hurt badly someone who cared a lot about me. I really, really need a release but somehow I can’t make myself cry. Am I so fucked up that I can’t even cry anymore?

Am I not destined to be a normal nice girl with nice routines and smooth-sailing journey through life?

It feels like karma’s caught up and now I’m being forced to implode.

Fucking bitch just let me cry already.


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