All grown up and nowhere to go

shopglee + shopsadness

Posted on: July 23, 2009

So it’s 1 AM in the morning on a Thursday and instead of getting sufficient sleep for a long workday tomorrow (looming deadlines aaack) I’m blogging.

I’m feeling excited, anticipating the arrival of my ASOS package. $300 worth of stuff, all MINE! MUHAHAHAAA… There are 10 items so it worked out to be roughly $30 per piece (including a Fred Perry tee! Now I can join the MTP FP club!), which is reasonable.

But on the sad front, the company rejected my claim for prescriptive glasses. If I’d known they’d bloody reject it because the name on the receipt is not the same as the name on their records I would not have picked a Dior frame. Their frames cost a bomb, especially strict-librarian tortoise-shell ones. Fark fark fark. What with the Milan ‘atas’ spends, I’m totally broke. Don’t think I can afford a car until a few months down the road unless a miracle happens and the co decides to triple my pay (measley at the mo’, but not complaining as feel lucky just to have a job).

Bah. Emo now. Shall take a second look at my ASOS order…


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