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shoe inventory

Posted on: July 25, 2009

K spa session over. Jurlique is bloody awesome. And expensive. Deffo a luxury I can’t afford every month… Went to Action to cut bangs + wash & blow after. Shampoo-orgasm, anyone?

After such self-pampering went home to discover ASOS package hath arrived – HUZZAH! Joy oh joy. Happily tried all the items, all good except for 1 navy dress with mermaid ruffles at back which was too big – bought size 8 but think dress fits size 10 better. Giving it away as discovered no space left – let me know if you’re keen. Pic is below:


After discovering no space left, went to detox room.

Room Detox part 1

Task: Get rid of miscellaneous shopping bags lying around, bits of paper, and old shoes.
Verdict: Still have bits of paper lying around, books, boxes… detox incomplete!

Shoe inventory after discarding old unwanted pairs:
Heels – 13
Wedges – 4
Booties – 5
Flats – 10
Sneakers – 6
Slippers – 4
Grand Total – 42 pairs



6 Responses to "shoe inventory"

YOU HAVE 6 SNEAKERS?! i don’t see you wearing sneakers at all, you glamazon, you.

haha i have to wear sneakers to dance dear!

Will the dress make the butt look big??

eh… probably yeah thats kinda the point… to round out flatter derierre

wad treatment did u try out at Jurlique?

i had the heavenly package methinks, 1 hr facial + 1 hr aromatherapy massage…

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