All grown up and nowhere to go

fee fi fo fhm.

Posted on: August 2, 2009

Did irrepairable damage at Topshop yesterday upon first visit to Ion Orchard, enough to gain me membership of Topshop/Man/Dorothy Perkins. That place is the devil’s, I tell you. So many shops. They even brought in Primark’s shoe collection, which means my pink animal print flats ain’t the only pair of pink animal print flats in town.


I suppose I’ll have to adjust to life with more work and less play, but it’s really about time I ‘pay my dues’, as so many people have said. Clamp down, do good work, and rise up the ladder.

In the meanwhile, will reward myself with this:

tiffie keyTiffany’s key in Tiffany blue.

Oh, and also am now officially known on government records by my full FULL name, which is such a relief.


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