All grown up and nowhere to go

so i’m gonna try something new

Posted on: August 9, 2009

and just write whatever comes to my mind without editing, as it is.

sushi tei has the best grilled scallop with that yummy mustard…? mayo sauce.

i need to study GMAT although i doubt there’s any use in me taking it now but still i’ve already signed up and it costs bloody US$250 or sommat like that and i had better get like perfect score or sth although i will go crazy studying for perfect score i think…

suddenly thinking of a zebra it’s just walking slowly across in a field in my mind maybe i’m going crazy, and now i’m thinking of corn and baked potatos for some reason goodness gracious what on earth is going on

CFA level 2 next year i want to sign up soon crack the books open i love the smell of new books! such a geek damn i need to finish my cross stitch, been abandoning it for a while in a flurry of administrative work which can be extremely dull at times zzz i never want to stay back at work doing things i don’t like!

mahjong tomorrow with jing mike and ray at mike’s place i have no bloody idea how to get to mike’s place but will just get the addy i suppose, at least i’ve got the car for the day… it really is more convenient, ‘when there’s a wheel there’s a way’ that’s what andri said on friday, well he basically just mispronounced ‘will’ but i heard it as ‘wheel’ so i guess he did come up with the clever line.

bloody hell i just shopped some more at forever 21 this is insane i will be forever in debt thanks to forever 21 but still very excited cannot wait for the clothes to come i ordered some jeggings i think hopefully it will fit

never say never… (humming that song, which band was it again? the fray or something, whiny band but some nice songs) and now my mind is completely blank. zoned out… thinking what to do now what to do what to do? cross stitch or GMAT? i’m such a nerd! the end!


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