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C, to the F, to the A-eh eh eh

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Have just cracked open the Level II books for the first time. Ahhh… what wonderful smell of new books. I’m a bit potty like that. Just love new books. Flipping through the pages, it takes me right back to the last semester of SMU. I was studying it for it everywhere, in the libby, at home, even London. Well. Let’s not go there now.

Would prolly start with the quant methods… The regression bits should help me digest the economics data at work.

In other post-related news, the F21 goodies just got here today. Whooopeeee! The little babies swam across the sea all the way from the new world to the little island that is Singapore. The clothes got a bit dusty as a result, but it’s nothing that the trusty hands of my maid can’t handle. Heh heh. Bloody spoiled brat, me.

Anyhoo… bought 4 hairbands. Pretty pretty… I’m all a-craze with hairbands now, with bows and tufty flowers on them. Such as this one:

dotted flower


Also bought these wedges:

chance buckle wedge

Oooh can’t wait to wear them!!! When oh when oh when oh when oh when am I going out???

Am also trying to improve my Guitar Hero prowess. Have mastered my favourite song, Radio Song by Superbus, on Hard mode. Now if only I can get to The Killers’ When You Were Young (totally love the starting chords…)

All right. Back to burying my nose in CFA.


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