All grown up and nowhere to go

kerr kerr. (verb, onomatopoeic)

Posted on: August 27, 2009

I officially declare the above as Word of the Day.

Kerr kerr: the sound you would make when you are on your second last day in a department, faced with a huge broker presentation with no idea of how to structure the info that you do have, and you stress over it at home while finding temporary relief in blogging and checking on your online shopping purchases.

Yeh. That word pretty much sums it.

Anyhoo, second batch of Forever 21 purchases: (somebody drag me away from this evil laptop with its convenient just-type-the-address access to… at this rate I won’t even have dosh left to open a DCD…)

I really love the Ride It Like You Stole It tank. Tickles me to bits. Totally gonna Wear It Like I Bought It. (which I did, so.)

*Stares at stacks of notes to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation*

Kerr kerr.


2 Responses to "kerr kerr. (verb, onomatopoeic)"


urm, yah? thats why i posted the pictures.. haha

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